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Fees and funding

Brunel offers more than 100 scholarships every year to help international students from over 70 countries. Some awards are worth up to £7,500 a year to help partially fund university fees and living costs.

Brunel has a range of scholarship packages and works in partnership with several scholarship organisations and bodies including Chevening, The Commonwealth Scholarships and Santander Mobility Awards.

At Brunel, we recognise that studying in another country is a big financial commitment. These pages provide information on paying your tuition fees, scholarships and other sources of funding, as well as an overview of the banking system in the UK. We also have helpful tips for managing your money and links to useful websites.

How much will my course cost?

The fees for each course are listed on its course page. Some courses will charge additional fees for things like accreditation exams for a professional body. A general breakdown of fees by school, and information on fees in previous years can be found on the undergraduate and postgraduate finance pages.

Will I pay International or Home fees?

This depends on a number of factors. If you are not sure whether you can be classed as a home student the UKCISA website has useful advice. Brunel will only assess in detail an applicant’s fee status after an offer is made. If you are made an offer and there is a question about your fee status we will send you a fee status questionnaire. 

How much money will I need on top of my fees?

 If you need to apply for a Student visa to study at Brunel, you will need to meet the Finance requirements in the visa application. This is to show that you have enough money to support yourself while you are in the UK. In addition to the first year’s Tuition Fees, when applying for a Student visa for Brunel University London, you must show you have living costs of £1,334 per month for each month of your course (to a maximum of nine months, or £12,006).

If you have applied to live in on-campus accommodation, the maximum amount you may deduct from the living costs part of your visa application’s Finance Requirement will now be £1,334.

We therefore recommend that students do not pay more than £1,334 to the University for accommodation before arriving in the UK. Instead you should retain further accommodation payments in your bank account, to support your visa application.

Please start planning in advance to make sure you will have enough money in your bank account for your Student visa application. For more information please see our Immigration web pages.

Beyond this you should ensure that you budget sensibly. Find out more about budgeting your money while at university.

What Scholarships are available from Brunel?

We offer a range of scholarships for international students starting in 2021.