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  • Analysis, design, and development of passive and active filters to solve power quality problems.
  • Potential applications of probabilistic modeling of current and voltage harmonics in the power factor correction and harmonics mitigation techniques.
  • Potential applications of different optimisation algorithms and methods for maximum energy utilization, system voltage stabilization, and loss reduction in distribution systems and automotive industries.
  • Sustainable energy use and engineering sustainable supply while adapting to the demands of climate change, global population growth and the depletion of natural resources.
  • Develop effective methods to improve the efficiency of small wind turbines.
  • Enabling technologies for increasing the pervasion of renewable power generators in smart grids.
  • Optimal allocation of Phase Measuring Units in power systems to achieve full network observability.
  • Investigate the effectiveness of the HVDC link and FACTS in the grid with a view of system stability enhancement.