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Research area(s)

  • Power Systems.
  • Energy and Environment.
  • Smart Grids.
  • Education.

Research Interests

  • Lighting Applications.
  • Power quality problems in power systems.
  • Grid integration of (marine) renewable energy.
  • Design, performance analysis, and cost benefit analysis of (marine) renewable energy systems.
  • Energy management.
  • Energy Systems.
  • Smart Grids.
  • Education.

Research grants and projects

Research Projects

Project details

  • British Council Researcher Link Workshop Grant, 2014-2015. (£35.4k, PI)
  • Modular Development Plan of the Pan-European Transmission System 2050 (e-HIGHWAY2050), 2012-2015 (£13M, Co.I).
  • Ocean Lider, Iberdrola Ingeniería, 2009-2012. (€30M, International Collaborator with University of Cantabria, Spain).
  • Building Research Capacity, Southwest Regional Development Agency, 2008. (£400k, PI).
  • ESRC/EPSRC Research Cluster: Britain’s Energy Security in a Multipolar World, ESRC/EPSRC, 2009-2012. (£400k, Co-I).
  • The Partnership for Research in Marine Renewable Energy (PRIMaRE), 2007-2010. (£15M, Electrical Engineering Team Leader).
  • (VN-TU116) Investigation of the Possibilities for Implementation the Active Power Filters for Increasing the Energy Efficiency of the Use of Electrical Power and Improving Power Quality, National Science Fund, Bulgaria, 2005-2009. (€55k, Co.I).