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Dr. Zobaa received his B.Sc.(Hons), M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Power & Machines from Cairo University, Egypt, in 1992, 1997, and 2002, respectively. Also, he received his Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice from the University of Exeter, UK in 2010. Also, he received the Doctoral of Science from Brunel University London, UK in 2017. He was an Instructor during 1992-1997, a Teaching Assistant during 1997-2002, and an Assistant Professor during 2002-2007, Associate Professor (on leave) during 2008-2013 and Professor (on leave) during 2013-2018 at Cairo University, Egypt. From 2007 to 2010, he was a Senior Lecturer in renewable energy at University of Exeter, UK. From 2010 to 2019, he was a Senior Lecturer in power systems at Brunel University London, UK. Currently, he is a Reader in electrical and power engineering. His main areas of expertise include power quality, (marine) renewable energy, smart grids, energy efficiency, and lighting applications.


DSc in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Brunel University London, U.K. Oct 2017

Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice, University of Exeter, U.K. Dec 2010

Ph.D. in Electric Power & Machines, Cairo University, Egypt. Nov 2002

M.Sc. in Electric Power & Machines, Cairo University, Egypt. May 1997

B.Sc.(Hons) in Electric Power & Machines, Cairo University, Egypt. Jun 1992


Teaching, Learning and Student Experience

  • Delivering lectures and tutorials.
  • Designing, preparing and developing undergraduate and postgraduate modules, and teaching materials.
  • Developing and implementing new methods of teaching to reflect changes in research.
  • Assessing students' coursework.
  • Setting and marking examinations.
  • Supervising final year undergraduate projects, Masters Dissertations or PhD theses.
  • Supervising my own research group.
  • Supporting students through a pastoral or advisory role.


  • Undertaking personal research projects and actively contributing to our research profile.
  • Writing up research and prepare it for publication.
  • Preparing bids to attract funding to our department and institute for a range of research projects.

 Leadership, Management and collegiality

  • Leading undergraduate and postgraduate modules.
  • Organising and Managing MSc Sustainable Electrical Power.
  • Carrying out administrative tasks related to the department.

 External Impact and Markers of Esteem

  • Contributing to professional conferences and seminars in my field of expertise.
  • Establishing collaborative links with other institutions, industrial, commercial and public organisations.
  • Engaging with the professional bodies activities.
  • External examining at peer institutions.
  • Developing and teaching power systems training courses in Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab of Emirates.

Newest selected publications

Huang, L., Chen, D., Lai, CS., Huang, Z., Zobaa, AF. and Lai, LL. (2022) 'A distributed optimization model for mitigating three-phase power imbalance with electric vehicles and grid battery'. Electric Power Systems Research, 210. pp. 108080 - 108080. ISSN: 0378-7796 Open Access Link

Journal article

Micev, M., Ćalasan, M., Radulović, M., Abdel Aleem, SHE., Hasanien, HM. and Zobaa, AF. (2022) 'Artificial neural network-based nonlinear black-box modeling of synchronous generators'. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 0 (accepted, in press). pp. 1 - 12. ISSN: 1551-3203 Open Access Link

Journal article

Kreishan, MZ. and Zobaa, AF. (2022) 'Allocation of dump load in islanded microgrid using the mixed-integer distributed ant colony optimization'. IEEE Systems Journal, 16 (2). pp. 2568 - 2579. ISSN: 1932-8184 Open Access Link

Journal article

Li, P., Chen, Y., Yang, K., Yang, P., Yu, J., Yao, S., et al. (2022) 'Optimal peak regulation strategy of virtual and thermal power plants'. Frontiers in Energy Research, 10. pp. 1 - 16. ISSN: 2296-598X Open Access Link

Journal article

Lai, CS., Tong, N., Tang, Z., Zobaa, AF., Li, Z. and Lai, LL. (2022) 'Transient extraction transform based fault location method with enhanced accuracy'.7th Asia Conference on Power and Electrical Engineering, ACPEE 2022. Hangzhou, China.Open Access Link

Conference paper
More publications(318)