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Professor Amanda Harvey
Deputy Dean (Academic Affairs) / Professor - Biosciences

Research area(s)

Current Research Interests and Expertise

  • Breast cancer biology
  • Cell Signalling
  • Mechanisms of therapeutic resistance
  • Assessment of alternative therapies

Resistance to anti-cancer treatment is a major issue for cancer patients. Our work focuses on (i) understanding the contribution that cell signalling plays to the development of therapeutic resistance in breast cancer, (ii) identifying new therapeutic targets and (iii) discovering potential new treatments.

Research grants and projects

Project details

· Breast Cancer Campaign Project: Grant Project Grant. Regulating breast tumour cell survival through Bcl-x proteins: implications for therapeutic responses. (Lead Applicant) £148,383 (2007-10)

· Breast Cancer Campaign Pilot Grant: Effect of jasmonates on cell cycle regulation in breast cancer cells (Lead Applicant) £19,980 (2009-10)

· Royal Society Travel Fellowship: to support the visit of Dr A Battacharyya (University of Calcutta) £4000 (2011)

· BACR Travel Award: £800 (2010)

· Biochemical Society Travel Award: £300 (2009)

· Park Seed Fund Award: Novel plant tissue bioassay for chemopreventatives (Co-applicant)  £36,214 (2014)