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I am interested in studiyng the effect of culture on human behaviour and would weclome PhD applciations on the relevant topics:

e.g. Cultural-specific notions and their impact on consumer behaviour or buisness relationships, consumer acculturation and consumption when travelling abroad and/or movimg to a new country.

I would also welcome PhD research topics focusing on certain consumer groups:

e.g. aging consumers and their well-being, children and the education of sustainble consumption and green environment.

Research supervision

Dr Narisarra Kaewsurin, thesis title: “An investigation into the relationships between universities’ internal branding, employee brand support and the transformational leadership characteristics of immediate leaders: A study from the perspective of academic staff in Thai universities”, completed in May 2012.

Dr Ali Almakrami, thesis title: “An Investigation into Brand Value Dimensionality and Its Effects on Loyalty: Evidence from the High-Tech Brandscape in Saudi Arabia”, viva examined in April 2013, completed in June 2013.

Dr Khaled Ibraheem, thesis title: “How Consumers Judge Brands Endorsed By Corporations: A Process-Based Explanation”, viva examined in December 2012, completed in June 2013.

Dr Natinee Thanajaro, thesis title: “Country of manufacturing versus country of design on consumers choice of fashion brands”, completed in July 2017.

Dr Shihanah Almutairi, thesis title: “Technology adaption and cultural dimensions in the Golf region”, viva examined in May 2016, viva examined in May 2016, completed in December 2016.

Dr Karam Al-Mandil, thesis title: “Brand experience in the servicescape”, completed in September 2016.

Dr Alawiya Zawawi, thesis title: “Contract Terms and their impact on Novice vs Parallel Entrepreneurs”, submitted in August 2017, viva examined in November 2017, completed in June 2018.  

Dr Jaruporn Tangpattanakit, thesis title: “social network engagement and purchase intention in the cosmetic industry”, submitted in July 2017, viva examined in October 2017, completed in May 2018.

Dr Gurdeep Kohli, thesis title: “Film Branding: why and how consumers engage with films as brand”, submitted in September 2017, viva examined in December 2017, completed in June 2018.

Dr Mazen Aljaber, thesis title: “An Investigation into the role of co-worker trust in internal communication on employee engagement: A study of the Millennials generation", submitted in May 2019, viva examined in September 2019.

Dr Hongyi Yang, thesis title: “Exploring the role of internal resources, capabilities, and external enablers in Chinese SME’s international expansion, submitted in Sep 2019, viva examined in December 2019.

I will be interested in supervising students who share my research interests. I would welcome prospective students to email me with their draft research proposal prior to their applications.