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Professor Dorothy Yen

Professor Dorothy Yen

Research area(s)

My research contributes to the important interdisciplinary debates on cross-cultural interactions from the marketing perspective. I discuss how culture influences human relationships, identity negotiation and consumer behaviour in business-to-consumers (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) contexts, with a particular focus on Anglo-Chinese cross-cultural communications and relationships. My research findings help Western and Chinese firms reduce conflict, increase trust and better their relationship performance.

Bearing the stakeholders in mind, I explain how guanxi, a Chinese cultural-specific notion that focuses on interpersonal ties, affects business collaborations and performance in Anglo-Chinese business relationships (Yen & Abosag, 2016; Chung, Yen & Wang, 2017). My research is supported by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) because UK firms can benefit from my research findings to better understand how they could advance their business with their Chinese counterparts, thus promoting UK export and economy.

I have a sustained record of publications on guanxi in leading peer-reviewed journals. I explain how guanxi should be measured (Yen et al., 2011; Geng, Atkin, Mansouri, Yen, 2018) and its effect on firm collaborations as moderators (Yen & Abosag, 2016) or mediators in different situations (Barnes, Yen, Zhu, 2011; Yen et al., 2018) and discuss how buyer-seller relationships would evolve over time (Yen and Barnes, 2011; Abosag and Yen, 2017; Gupta, Froudi and Yen, 2018). My leadership on guanxi and B2B relationships is acknowledged by Industrial Marketing Management, which is the highest ranked B2B marketing journal (ABS 3, IF: 4.779), evidenced in my guest editorship in the two special issues on “The Dark side of business relationships” and “Asia cultural-specific notions” for the journal.

Understanding the influence of culture and caring for consumers who experience cultural difference during travel, my works also contribute to the debate of acculturation amongst ethnic and travelling consumers (Cappellini & Yen, 2014; Yen et al., 2018; Yen et al., 2019). I led the important debate of how social media interact and facilitate acculturation (Cappellini & Yen, 2015) and argue that the concept of acculturation and its various applications need to be to redefined and recalibrated in different contexts (Yen and Dey, 2019). I led a CBASS research cluster on acculturation and social media in 17/18 and asserted my research impact through publications, media coverage and special issue editorship on this very topic in Technological Forecasting and Social change (ABS 3, IF: 3.815) and International Marketing Review (ABS 3, IF: 3.447).

Since my PhD graduation in 2008, I published more than 30 papers, edited a book and three book chapters, presented at various conference papers and hosted several symposiums and conferences. Two of my most recent outputs are rated of ABS 4, indicating top level of excellence for REF 2020. My research excellence is evidenced through my proliferated publication records, editorship leadership, keynotes, and academic research mentorship. I trained nine PhD students to completion and currently have two students who had defended their works and are expected to graduate in July 2020. I also have an auditable record of success grant applications, as appropriate for the Marketing discipline. Internally I attracted several departmental grants and recently won two research grants from the CBASS research centres.

Research Interests

I'm interested in the following topics:

B2B relationships

Chinese guanxi

Cutlrual-specific notions and their impact on business relationships and performance

Acculturation and consumption

Higher Education Marketing and Management 

Research group(s)

Research grants and projects

Project details

I am currently conducting the following research projects. If you are interested in knowing more about thsee, please email me for more information.

*Coping with Coping: international migrants’ experiences of Covid-19 lockdown in the UK

*Drivers of green cooperation between Chinese manufacturers and their customers: An empirical analysis

*#iLoveLondon: An exploration of the declartion of lvoe towards a destination on Instagram