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Dr Emmanouil Karteris

Dr Emmanouil Karteris
Reader in Biomedical Sciences

Research area(s)

Dr Karteris has a long standing interest in mTOR signalling with emphasis in reproductive endocrinology and ovarian cancer. His lab is also active in the field of biomarker development using liquid biopsies. Dr Karteris has a recognized publication record in receptor biochemistry and cell signalling. He has published 89 research manuscripts, presented over 100 research abstracts in leading national and international conferences.  Many of these papers are generating a strong and influential impact not only to the biomedical field (h index; 31) but also to the society as they deal with topical issues such as effects of stress during pregnancy. Moreover Dr Karteris has established collaborations with leading authorities in their fields and has been successful in obtaining research grants at national and international level.

Research Interests

  • Role of endocrine disrupting chemicals in the feto-placental unit
  • Detection and characterisation of circulating tumour cells
  • Use of liquid biopsies as cancer biomargers of diagnostic and prognostic value
  • Development of fetal-placental 3D cultures as a screening platform for EDCs

Research grants and projects

Research Projects

Project details

(Most recent)

Isambard PhD Scholarship (2018-2021): Investigate the effects of EDCs in ovarian cancer (£66,000).

CTRT; PhD Scholarship (2017-2020): Use of liquid biopsies as prognostic test for cancer (£60,000).

GRACE Charity (2016-2019): Isolation and characterisation of ovarian cancer CTCs (£15,000).

Catalyst Fund; Pilot Project – Brunel University (co-applicant): Establishing new tools to investiga the role of chemicals and lifestyle factors on breast cancer development (£15,000).