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Professor Mark Atherton
Honorary Professor - MAE

Research area(s)

Engineering Design is a broad and interdisciplinary research area; Mark focuses specifically on “Robust Engineering Design” (RED). Key themes: Robustness mechanisms, Design optimisation in nature, Noise reduction in dental drilling, Physiological flow characteristics linked to disease, Design for Invention, Robot end-effectors for fluid port interfaces.

Research Interests

RED combines design process, statistics and design optimisation.  Computer simulations (CFD, FEA, multiphysics) and physical experiments are used to understand the effects of material, manufacturing and loading uncertainties/variations on the performance of devices and systems. I am also interested in the underlying mechanisms that achieve robustness.

Mark has led a wide variety of projects in Engineering Design including: roof products, laser registration for breast screening, loudspeakers, pumps, vacuum casting, webcams, garden products, slide-ways, hearing aids, piezo devices, vascular devices, dental drill anti-noise, hydrofoil boards, water purification for disaster relief, airport networks, squeeze-film levitation, grass-cutting decks, patent knowledge for design and autonomous systems for train fluids servicing. Many of these applications have produced an artefact with “real-world” impact.

Research grants and projects

Research Projects