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David Harrison has a BSc in Engineering Science and a PhD in Robotics. He worked for six years at the BBC as an engineer, researcher, director and assistant producer, working mainly on the BBC Computer Literacy Project. He lectured in robotics for five years at the University of Portsmouth. In 1992 he held a Royal Society Fellowship in the Parliamentary Office and Science and Technology. He joined Brunel University London as a lecturer in design in 1994.


  • BBC TV 1980-82 Engineer
  • BBC Education 1984-89 Researcher and Director
  • University of Portsmouth 1990-94 Senior Lecturer
  • Brunel University London 1994-2002 Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader
  • Brunel University London 2002- Chair in Design
  • Brunel University London 2005-06, 2008-2010 Subject Leader, Design


Brunel Roles

  • Director of Research, Brunel Design Department
  • Theme Leader, Design for Sustanible Manufacturing Theme

Selected Professional Activities

  • EPSRC/AHRC “Designing for C21 Century” panel (“06)
  • EPSRC Innovative Electronics Manufacturing Research Centre, Management Executive and Funding Panel (“05-"15)
  • EPSRC/AHRC “Science and Heritage” appointment panel for National Research Programme Coordinator (“07)
  • Refereeing for EPSRC College, and a range of journals

Other Educational Output

  • Contributions to 25 hours of broadcast TV programmes on Information Technology and Computers
  • Interactive Videodisc, Robotics, written for the BBC Interactive Video Unit and the D.T.I.,
  • Active Disassembly display, selected for display at the opening of the Welcome Wing, Science Museum.

Licensed and Granted Patents

Electrical Circuit, PCT/GB97/01572- Dec 1997 Harrison, D., Ramsey, B., Evans, P. (Three option agreements taken out on this patent for approx. £25,000. Patent assigned, Dec. 2000 for £175, 000) Granted US Patent, Electrical Circuit, US 6,356,234 B1, March 12th 2002 (Patent assigned March 2007 for 50,000 euros) Lithographically printed seeding layer, PCT/GB99/04064 - Dec 1999 Ramsey, B, Lochun ,D., Harrison, D., (Patent assigned, March 2000, for £50,000). (Granted Chinese Patent, 2006). Metal Oxide Ink Evans,P., Harrison,D., (Patent Assigned June 2004 for £60,000)

Newest selected publications

Kwok, SY., Harrison, DJ. and Malizia, A. (2017) 'Designing individualisation of eco information: A conceptual framework and design toolkit'. International Journal of Sustainable Engineering, 10 (6). pp. 302 - 312. ISSN: 1939-7038 Open Access Link

Journal article

Xu, Y., Harrison, D., Fyson, J. and Areir, M. (2017) '3D printing of highly flexible supercapacitor designed for wearable energy storage'. Materials Science and Engineering: B, 226. pp. 29 - 38. ISSN: 0921-5107 Open Access Link

Journal article

Atherton, M., Jiang, P., Harrison, D. and Malizia, A. (2017) 'Design for invention: annotation of Functional Geometry Interaction for representing novel working principles'. Research in Engineering Design, 29 (2). pp. 245 - 262. ISSN: 0934-9839 Open Access Link

Journal article

Xu, Y., Harrison, D., Fyson, J. and Areir, M. (2017) 'A study of 3D printed flexible supercapacitors onto silicone rubber substrates'. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics. ISSN: 0957-4522 Open Access Link

Journal article

Hill, SA., Atherton, M., Ajovalasit, M. and Harrison, D. (2017) 'Robust automated servicing of passenger train fluids'.The Stephenson Conference: Research for Railways. IMechE, 1 Bridcage Walk, London. 25 - 27 April.Open Access Link

Conference paper
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