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Mr Martin Scholze
Research Fellow

Research Interests

My interest in research can be broken down into two related fields. One is focused on statistical and mathematical methods in dose-response analysis, with applications in biology, epidemiology, (eco)toxicology and pharmacology. The other is concerned with the impact of chemical mixtures on humans and the environment and how statistical and mathematical methods can provide assistance. It is in this area that I have concentrated most of my efforts, and for which I have an international reputation. Upcoming research areas include computational statistics and computational systems biology.

Areas of expertise:

  • Planning, analysis and assessment of dose-response studies
  • Sample design, sample size estimation and power calculations
  • Multiple testing
  • Multi-component and Multivariate analysis
  • Statistical methods in epidemiology
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Deterministic and stochastic simulation techniques in bioscience (Monte-Carlo, Resampling, PK/PD simulation, process simulation)
  • Analysis of microarray studies
  • Quantitative methods in Chemical risk assessment
  • PB/PK modelling

Research grants and projects

Research Projects