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Dr Sibylle Ermler

Dr Sibylle Ermler
Post Doctoral Research Fellow


I joined Brunel University in 2011 as a Research Fellow in the Institute of Environment, Health and Societies. My research interests are in the toxicology of chemical mixtures and the implications of combination effects for human health. I am particularly interested in genotoxic mixtures and the combined effects of endocrine disruptors.

I developed an interest in environmental research whilst studying for my first degree, where I worked in environmental biotechnology during project placements in Switzerland and the UK, ranging from the field of waste water treatment to a project on the development of a genotoxicity assay. After graduating as an environmental and chemical engineer (Dipl. Ing.) in Germany, I shifted my focus to human health and carried out a PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) in cancer research in the area of telomere biology, DNA damage and genomic instability at the German Cancer Research Centre, Heidelberg, Germany.

In 2007, I joined the Centre for Toxicology, UCL School of Pharmacy, London, where I conducted research on the combined effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals. There, I investigated the effects of multi-component mixtures of anti-androgens as part of a project funded by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA).

My current research on mixture toxicology focuses on the combined genotoxic effects of aneugenic benzimidazole pesticides and other genotoxins (funded by the FSA).


2006: Dr. rer. nat. (PhD) Faculty of Biosciences, Ruperto-Carola University, Heidelberg, Thesis title: “The Role of the Telomeric Repeat Binding Factor 2 (TRF2) in Normal and Tumour Cells”, conducted at the German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany

2001: Diploma in environmental and chemical engineering/biotechnology, Fachhochschule Furtwangen, Germany Dissertation title: “Development of a Genotoxicity Assay for High Throughput Screening”, conducted at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, Manchester, UK Awarded with the “Aesculap prize for a particularly innovative diploma thesis at the University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen with an industry-relevant topic“


2011-present: Research Fellow, Institute of Environment, Health and Societies, Brunel University

2007-2011: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Toxicology, School of Pharmacy, London

2007: Effects of multi-component mixtures of antiandrogens in vitro

2010: Mixture effects of aneugenic benzimidazoles and other genotoxins

Newest selected publications

Maund, P., Ermler, S., Widschwendter, M. and Silva, E. (2017) 'Abstract P1-04-09: The missing link: Chemicals, epigenetics and breast cancer'.San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. San Antonio, TX. 15 - 10 December. AMER ASSOC CANCER RESEARCH. pp. P1-04-09 - P1-04-09. ISSN: 0008-5472

Conference paper

Silva, E., Ermler, S., Widschwendter, M. and Maund, P. (2017) 'Abstract P6-05-03: Investigating the effects of low-dose mixtures of environmental contaminants on breast cancer initiation'.San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. San Antonio, TX. 15 - 10 December. AMER ASSOC CANCER RESEARCH. pp. P6-05-03 - P6-05-03. ISSN: 0008-5472

Conference paper

Corda, G., Sala, G., Lattanzio, R., Iezzi, M., Sallese, M., Fragassi, G., et al. (2016) 'Functional and prognostic significance of the genomic amplification of frizzled receptor 6 ( FZD6 ) in breast cancer'. The Journal of Pathology, 241 (3). pp. 350 - 361. ISSN: 0022-3417 Open Access Link

Journal article

Kugathas, S., Audouze, K., Ermler, S., Orton, F., Rosivatz, E., Scholze, M. and et al. (2016) 'Effects of common pesticides on prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) inhibition in SC5 mouse sertoli cells, evidence of binding at the cox-2 active site, and implications for endocrine disruption'. Environmental Health Perspectives, 124 (4). pp. 452 - 459. ISSN: 0091-6765 Open Access Link

Journal article

Orton, F., Ermler, S., Kugathas, S., Rosivatz, E., Scholze, M. and Kortenkamp, A. (2014) 'Mixture effects at very low doses with combinations of anti-androgenic pesticides, antioxidants, industrial pollutant and chemicals used in personal care products'. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 278 (3). pp. 201 - 208. ISSN: 0041-008X Open Access Link

Journal article
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