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Mrs Nicola Beresford

Mrs Nicola Beresford
Principal Technical Manager (Environmental Sciences)

Heinz Wolff 015b


I started working at Brunel University in 1996, after completing a Masters course at Napier University. I work in the field of ecotoxicology, and have been involved with a number of different grants, using a wide variety of techniques. In addition to doing research work, I provide laboratory support for staff, visitors and students, and I manage and maintain our ecotoxicology laboratories. I also carry out contract work for external organisations.


  • 1994-1995: MSc. Biology of Water Resource Management, Napier University
  • 1979-1983: BSc. Applied Biology, Brunel University


  • 1996 - present: Senior Research Technician, Institute for the Environment, Brunel University
  • 1985 - 1988: Research Assistant, Immunology Department, Liverpool University, Liverpool
  • 1984 - 1985: Research Technician, Zoology Department, Oxford University, Oxford