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PhD topics for research students

Find below a list of currently available self-funded PhD topics.

We encourage all students to contact the supervisor or the alternative contact person for more information and an informal chat to discuss the process of applying and preparing your research statement. For more information on how to apply click here.

Developing Sustainable Decarbonised Polygeneration System Concept for the Production of Hydrogen, Chemicals and Energy
Polygeneration system is a highly integrated, flexible and robust system design concept that is capable of generating a spectrum of products such as chemicals, fuels, hydrogen, heat and power. This re...
Self Funded
Developing Sustainable Waste Management Strategies through Innovative Resource Recovery and Valorisation Technologies
Resources embedded in waste streams are often not properly recovered and are mostly ended up in landfills or only recovered as energy via energy-from-waste (EfW) facilities. Innovative resource recove...
Self Funded
A Systems Approach to Promoting Sustainable Bioeconomy through International Development of Novel Biorefinery System Concepts
Background At present, most industries are heavily relying on fossil fuels and this has caused severe damage to the environment. Transitioning from a fossil based economy to a more sustainable, renewa...
Self Funded
Energy and CO2 Awareness during Software Design and Development
An ever-critical topic is the emergence of Green Software Engineering and how software engineering influences the environment. This project aims to advance the state of the art by defining an approach...
Self Funded
A Machine Learning Approach for Migrating to Microservices
This project aims to advance the state of the art by defining an approach that uses machine learning techniques to automate the migration of monolithic software into microservice architecture. The pur...
Self Funded
Environmental tax policies for net zero strategy and social welfare
There is an increasing drive among the governments in many countries to decarbonise their economies. Environmental tax policies are the most prominent among the tools that have been commonly used to a...
Self Funded
IoT techniques for disaster prediction and prevention
IoT techniques can be applied in many fields, including disaster prediction and prevention. In developing countries, it may be economically unfeasible to purchase and establish a centralised system. H...
Self Funded
MIMO antenna array for 5G handset applications
Antennas for 5G smartphones, tablet PCs require multiple-bands operation for efficient spectrum utilization and robust links. Multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) arrays meet the demand on multiple f...
Self Funded
Advanced planar MIMO sparse imaging for target detection
Millimetre wave or THz imaging has been greatly developed for security detection and non-destructive testing. The imaging system with full electronic scanning of planar multiple-input and multiple-out...
Self Funded
Analysis of the effect of Natural Flood Management measures in water levels
Experimental and numerical analysis of the effect of Natural Flood Management measures in water levels and validation for 2D/3D applicability. Natural Flood Management (NFM) has become a popular metho...
Self Funded