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Foundation year and its benefits

Posted: September 10 2020

Foundation year is a year that has specific courses designed for international and home students to help them achieve the right and adequate level of qualifications and skills they need to succeed at a university degree level. They are usually available for two or three semesters based on the course and based on the level of qualifications already achieved.

For me, the foundation year was extremely helpful since the teaching method and the standards in education differ between my country and Brunel University London. Foundation year in Brunel has helped me adjust perfectly in the university scenario and helped me overcome any difficulties I might’ve had for my first year. As a person who finished my foundation course, I can guarantee that you’d have an advantage over other students entering university straight from school. Foundation year in Brunel is taught using university-style teaching, on campus, with lectures, tutorials, and seminar-style classes. Foundation year plays an essential and significant part in helping international students in adjusting to academic and cultural life in a different country.

Studying abroad is exciting and extremely hectic, however, it and can open up a world of opportunities and chances for students they couldn’t have back home. It is a huge obligation and can be somewhat overwhelming for anyone, even the hard workers and academic achievers. Foundation years for international students include language courses, allowing new arrivals to improve their communication skills before starting their official course. It is also an amazing way to make friends from all around the globe, from different ethnicities, cultures, and ages. It also helps you to get to know the place you are studying in, discover the city since foundation year is not as pressuring as the upcoming years, and learn the particulars of the new country you’re living in without the pressure that comes with starting a three-year undergraduate degree.

Feeling prepared and comfortable as possible is an essential concept for students, especially international students, since being far away from home can lead to a great deal of homesickness, based on my experience. But I can assure you that as an international student here at Brunel University London, I felt extremely happy and contented with my surroundings and the way the university was handling newcomers and fresher’s. Taking a year extra can be extremely beneficial since you know you won’t be wasting your expenses on a course you might not be ready for. So foundation year helps you prepare and helps you set those standards that are needed for your three-year undergraduate course as well.