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Union of Brunel Students

Here at the Union of Brunel Students we are a charity. You fund us. Whichever way you choose to donate – whether it’s buying a foot long sub, that pint in Loco’s after a long day of lectures or choosing to run around a field as part of one of our 50 sports clubs – the money you spend will come straight back to you through your Union.

We have numerous projects we set up during the year and we’re always looking for students to help us run it, so make sure you get involved in 2017/18.


RAG stands for Raise and Give! We are a student led committee who are responsible for fundraising for the charities chosen by you, the students. We’ve got something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, building schools in Nepal, or getting involved in our Brunel based events such as the Chilli Challenge or the Murder Mystery Party.

Each year students nominate charities they’d like Brunel RAG to represent throughout the academic year. Six charities are then chosen via a voting process and throughout the year we fundraise for those charities.

Want to get involved? At Brunel RAG we are always looking for volunteers to help us carry out these amazing events, whether you’re looking to meet new people,want to add something different to your CV or want to have fun.

Each student volunteering with RAG will receive volunteering hours, which will contribute towards your Brunel Volunteer Award and it will be added to your HEAR report.