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Asad and The MayorBrunel Volunteers Awards 2019 6

Volunteer of the Year: 2016

Outstanding Contribution to Volunteering: 2019

Gold Award winner: 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19

“Volunteering is something I have always enjoyed doing. I first started volunteering way back in primary school, well before I joined the lively and exciting volunteering community at Brunel. Every single opportunity that I have volunteered for gives me great happiness and pleasure. Helping people, seeing them smile, hearing their feedback – these are all just a few of the things that make volunteering so special and unique in its own way. For me, volunteering is not about the number of hours you do or the award itself, it’s about being able to give back to the community and being able to make a small change in today’s fast paced and ever changing world. Every single opportunity has been unique and challenging in its own way and it has developed me further as an individual, providing invaluable learning and honing my people skills along the way. You also meet some amazing people and make long lasting friendships. Volunteering not only makes you more attractive to future employers but it’s great fun! I have deeply enjoyed my volunteering experience at Brunel and highly recommend it to everyone coming here!"


Volunteer of the Year: 2018

Silver Award winner: 2017/18

“The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers.”

Terri Guillemets

"The very first time when I volunteered was for the Brunel Blackout. It involved turning off all unused electronics and lights when not needed to see the impact has on the Earth as well as inspiring others to think about their energy usage; something I find important.

I met so many interesting people during my time which led to me volunteering even more! I went for a Christmas event in a shopping mall to help SAMS - a charity which organises social activities for people with Multiple Sclerosis. We wrapped X-mas presents for the shoppers passing by in return for a small donation, which was then doubled by one of the local banks.

The efforts I put into volunteering did not go unrecognised. After volunteering for 54 hours during 2017/18, I was invited for the Brunel Volunteers Awards Ceremony Dinner. It’s a really lavish dinner that takes place at the end of the year to show the university’s appreciation for all our hard work and a formal recognition of our commitment to volunteering.

I earned the Brunel Volunteers Silver Award, and unexpectedly – but to my satisfaction - I won the Volunteer of the Year 2018 award. I was nominated by SAMS and the Brunel Events Manager for standing out ‘for all the right reasons’. This was a real honour and it made me feel that all the work and effort was absolutely worth it! It will look great on my CV but the memories and friendships will last beyond that."


 Gold award winner: 2017/2018

"To me, volunteering is not about the number of hours you do, it’s about being able to give back to the community and make a change. Volunteering is an attitude that works towards the benefit of others. It allowed me respect, treasure and take the time to understand people; it created memorable experiences.

Through volunteering, I was challenged by the different roles I took. I dealt with different people in different facets of their life; this increased my communication skills and social connections which have further developed me as an individual. It has left me forward-facing and a firm believer that these experiences stay with you forever. I have come to understand that doing good leads to more good actions.

There is a satisfaction and achievement from the change in someone’s life, a positive difference I helped bring about. Volunteering as an opportunity gives me great happiness and this is one of the few reasons why I shall continue to do so. As the saying goes, “the more we give, the more we will receive”. I believe that volunteering is an amazing and worthwhile experience that should be adopted. It has taught me that the more we give and make other people happy, the more we can increase or satisfaction and happiness."

Aisha Williams

Gold Award Winner: 2017/2018

Silver Award Winner: 2016/2017

Bronze Award Winner: 2015/2016

"Volunteering has been my way of giving back to the society as well as meeting and interacting with new people. I was a frequent volunteer at various places prior to the university; Brunel Volunteers allowed me continue and aided my process along the way. I joined the university in the last weeks of September and began volunteering in October as I was eager to be part of the volunteering community on campus. It started with the Brunel fireworks event marketing and volunteering on the day itself. Meeting new people, learning new and interesting things about Brunel, harnessing and improving on my people and customer service skills were some of the instant benefits I gained from volunteering. Fast forward to the end of my first year, I was pleasantly surprised by the prospect of being a Brunel Volunteers Bronze Award recipient. This pushed me; I sought out more ways to contribute to the campus and community through volunteering at events such as Good Deeds Day and Peer-assisted learning programme.

I am glad to have received an award in each of my three years at Brunel, steadily growing from a Bronze to Gold Award Recipient. The friends I have made through volunteering are life long and have helped shaped my other experiences at the university. The experiences I have garnered have been useful in securing jobs, opportunities and making me a better person. I greatly advise students to join the amazing Brunel Volunteers team to create new experiences and give back to the community."

 Elsa and Bill jpeg

Highly commended Volunteer of the Year: 2018/19

'Volunteering whilst at Brunel has been a huge part of my university experience. When I first joined the volunteering community, I was shy and reserved but I quickly met so many interesting people who made me feel welcome and built lifelong friendships. I have been fortunate to travel all over England and places such as Scotland, Northern Ireland and Greece through volunteering, which allowed me to help people on an international scale.

Volunteering has also been a great way for me to network and find connections in the legal field, relating to my degree. From these connections I have been able to gain further volunteering opportunities which have helped me gain the skills and understanding for my course. But most importantly for me, the vast and various volunteering opportunities at Brunel have allowed me to make real change by helping and inspiring others, especially those who are less fortunate or without a voice.’

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Volunteer of the Year: 2018/19

Volunteering whilst at Brunel was a huge part of my University experience. After joining the First Aid Society in my first few weeks, I quickly signed up to become a volunteer First Aider with St John Ambulance. The weekly training we received at the First Aid Society helped prepare me to volunteer my time at some of London's biggest and most high-profile events, such as the London Marathon, Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Hyde Park Concerts, Football Matches, Notting Hill Carnival and so much more.


While I was on placement during my third year at Brunel, I was lucky enough to be elected as Training Lead for the Society. This meant that I was responsible for planning and leading our weekly training sessions, and helping organise and run the society in collaboration with the other committee members. This certainly helped improve some of my soft skills including team-working, delegation and time management. These were further improved when, during my final year, I was elected to become Unit Manager. This meant that I was directly responsible for all the operational volunteers within the Brunel University St John Ambulance Unit.


If you're looking for a great way to spend some of your free time, meet new friends and make a real difference, definitely get involved in volunteering at university. I know all our amazing societies will be very welcoming and glad to take you on board, including the First Aid Society! Brunel Volunteers has been a great way to record the commitment that so many people have put into volunteering for their chosen causes. I'm proud to continue my volunteering journey with St John Ambulance after graduating as a Regional Student Volunteering Officer and a member of the Event Communications Team.