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International students

Why volunteer as an international student?

Volunteering is an integral part of life at Brunel, it’s a great way to meet new people, develop new skills and experience British culture outside of the University. Brunel University London strives to offer volunteering opportunities suitable for all students; however, there are certain exceptions where your choices may be restricted because of the limitations within the study visa you hold.

Am I allowed to volunteer?

If you are studying at Brunel and have come from outside the UK you will need to check your visa or entry clearance conditions to make sure that you are allowed to volunteer whilst studying. Sometimes volunteering is described as ‘unpaid work’. It’s very important that you check this as you could jeopardise your visa status by volunteering if you are not allowed to.

Brunel Volunteers are here to help and support you through your volunteering journey. Please visit the Brunel Volunteers Office with your passport, visa and student ID in order to register with us.

Tier 4 (Student) Visa

UKVI guidance on international students volunteering is ambiguous and offers a very open definition of unpaid employment (voluntary work) and volunteering. In order to protect your best interests we offer the following advice to students who hold a Tier 4 Visa:

If you hold a Tier 4 Visa it should be okay for you to volunteer, but during term time there is a limit of the number of hours per week that you can work or volunteering during term time as specified on your visa. This is normally 20 hours per week but make sure you check your visa requirements. The university operates on a 15 hour limit, this includes both paid work and voluntary work. For example, you could take part in a combination of 5 hours volunteering and 10 hours paid work = 15 hours.

Term-time only

All Tier 4 students do have a restriction to how many hours they can work during term time. The number of hours is determined by their course and is specified on their visa.

Term time is defined by the University and is based on the course and level students are studying. Students and staff should always be referred to the Rights to Work guidance.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that you do not go over your weekly visa restrictions. Your passport visa stamp should identify any work restrictions you may have – if you are in any doubt don’t hesitate to contact us.

Student Visitor Visa

If you hold a student visitor visa, you are not permitted to volunteer or work whilst you are studying at Brunel.

Please note that this is not a complete account of the UK Immigration Rules. If you would like further advice please visit the Student Centre to speak to an advisor.