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Professor Mark Perry

Research area(s)

Design ethnography for socio-digital systems. Focus on design innovation and evaluation in human-computer interaction, computer supported co-operative work, interaction- and user experience design. 

Research Interests

Specific research interests in the design and use of financial services, video and digital media, shared displays, collaborative and social media, domestic, and mobile technology to support creativity, playfulness, innovation and collaboration. Recent interests in interactions with blockchain, financial services, fintech, digital money, cryptocurrencies, digital assets, DeFi, electronic payments and alternative currencies. 

Research grants and projects

Research Projects


Project details

As Principal Investigator

  1. 'Designing next generation touchless public interfaces'. KTP Partnership with Ultraleap Ltd. Innovate UK funding (~£150K, 2020-22)
  2. ‘Chinese Moneywork: Studies of Use and Interaction Design for Digital Money’. Royal Society Kan Tong Po International Visiting Fellowship (£3,000, 2018-19). 
  3. ‘3rd Party Dematerialisation and Rematerialisation of Capital: designing and innovating credible digital intermediaries in the personal financial marketplace’. EPSRC/Digital Economy (FEC: £322,427 + £35K industrial support, 2013-2015).
  4. ‘Family Car Media – Concept Demonstrator and Market Assessment’. EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) – Readiness (£12,000, 2014).
  5. ‘Automedia: family life, interaction and media use in the car’. EPSRC Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award / Microsoft Research (£45K + £45K, 2011-2015).
  6. URC seminar series: Studying Users and Designing Interactions with New Media (£2,500). Brunel internal competitive ‘pump-primer’ funding, 2011-2012.
  7. ‘Proximity-sensitive communication’. EPSRC Vacation Bursary (£2,500), Summer 2009.‘On_message@home’. Microsoft Research “Create, play and learn” competitive grant award (£57,450+VAT), investigating user behaviour and developing interaction designs for domestic displays (2005-2006).
  8. ‘Senior visiting fellowship in communication’. Royal Academy of Engineering and the Vodafone Foundation (competitive grant, £7,800), Dr Oscar Juhlin (2005).
  9. ‘Designing for mobile and distributed work: Technology use in Remote Settings’. EPSRC grant (£63,000) with Symbian Ltd. to design and develop mobile computing and communications technologies (2001-2004). Rated as ‘Tending to Outstanding’ in review.
  10. ‘Appliance design’. Research award of £12,100 funded by the Appliance Studio, Bristol to investigate the role of space in collaboration (2001).
  11. ‘Distributed cognition and organisational memory’. BRIEF award (£10,000) pump-primer funding into innovative and promising areas of research (1999-2000).

As Co-Investigator

  1. ‘Smart Money: precision data management for distributed ledger enabled central bank issued digital currencies’, EPSRC/Digital Economy EP/P032001/1 (FEC: £757,585 + £20K industrial support, 2017-2019).
  2. ‘dotWorlds’, contract funded by Angle Technology and the London Development Agency (£27,000+VAT). Developing and evaluating a synchronous web-based collaboration application. PI: Dr Simon Kent (2007-2008).
  3. ‘Senior visiting fellowship in communication’, Royal Academy of Engineering and the Vodafone Foundation (competitive grant, £7,500), Dr Mizuko Ito (2003-2004).
  4. ‘Millennium Homes: A technology supported domestic environment for frail and elderly people’. DTI Foresight/ EPSRC (£521,000, supplemented by industrial finance). £126,870 directly managed by Mark Perry. PI: Prof. H. Wolff (2000-2002).
  5. ‘GROUPSIM: Developing strategies and infrastructure for collaborative simulation modelling’. EPSRC, £60,000. PI: Dr. Simon Taylor (2000-2003).