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Professor Mark Perry


Looking to supervise PhD students in the following areas:

I am interested in supervising doctoral students with experience in 'user studies' research, and an understanding of Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, or User Experience Design–with any disciplinary background–from anthropology to psychology, artificial intelligence to design. My particular interest in this lies in the use and design of social or collaborative computer systems, but I have a very broad interpretation of what this may involve, such as making a payment or adding a social media reactionm, as well as more complex forms of digitally-mediated social engagement. It would help to have an interest or experience in the use of qualitative research methods, including ethnography and video analysis, or using approaches drawing from ethnomethodology and conversation analysis in the following application areas: 

  • Digitial Money and Payments
    • Digital Financial Services
    • Mobile Money/ Currencies
    • Blockchain or Cryptocurrency Interactions
    • Decentralised Finance (DeFi)
    • Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs)
    • Collaborative/ Social Financial Interactions
    • Financial Interactions in the Global South
  • Collaborative Video Production
    • Multiperson live TV or video streaming
    • Multiperson mobile video production 'on the fly' 
    • User-generated content in e-sports
  • Family and Domestic Technologies
    • In-vehicle Interactions (eg. location-based games, autonomous driving experiences, collaborative navigation)
    • Shared family displays
    • Smart home devices
    • Haptic and touchless interactions with displays

Research supervision


  • Saiphit Satjawisate – digital money, digital civics


  • Stavros Tasoudis (2020) Remote participatory automobile interactions
  • Najeeb Abdulhamid (2019) Collaborative Technologies in Digital Disaster Response Work
  • Roubert, F. (2018) Collaboration in massively distributed nanoscience
  • Cycil, C. (2015) Technology and the family car: situating media use in family life
  • Zarabi, R. (2011) Storing, caring and sharing: examining organisational practices around material stuff in the home
  • Swan, L. (2011) Home/work: implications for domestic technologies
  • Shangar, C. (2009) Ubiquitous proximity-sensitive systems
  • Kanis, M. (2009) Mobile technology and socio-affective computing
  • Brodie, J. (2004) Supporting communication on the move: user activities and implications for mobile technology design
  • Spinelli, G. (2004) Distributed Cognition: Artefacts and computational space for collaborative problem solving
  • Cole, J. (2002) Media Use and CSCW: A socio-organisational computational description of accounting activities