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Professor Mark Perry

Professor Mark Perry


Looking to supervise PhD students in the following areas:

Digital Financial Services

Mobile Money/ Currencies

Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Interactions

Video Production

Family and Domestic Technologies

In-vehicle Interactions

I am particularly interested in (although not exclusively!) taking on students with experience in user studies research, and with an interest or experience in the use of qualitative research methods including ethnography and video analysis, or using approaches drawing from ethnomethodology and conversation analysis. 

PhD projects for research students

Designing interactions with digital money

The PhD will explore how people use and interact with money to explore how digital systems can be designed for more effective and suitable purposes. This topic could cover consumer payment systems, peer-to-peer transactions, social or community interaction, or financial services. It will involve data collection and analysis, and prototyping for interaction design or systems development (which could be in the areas of mobile, ubiquitous computing, CSCW, or blockchain). In addition to studies in the developed world, I am also interested in new forms of money use and future design solutions in developing regions including Africa, India, and China.