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Dr Ruth Mackay

Howell Building 132

Research area(s)

Organ on a Chip

Low cost diagnostics



Research Interests

My primary research focus is within the field of Organ-on-a-Chip (OOC).  My primary function within the group is the development of microfluidic devices, manufacturing methods, cell scaffold facbrication and electronic control of the systems.

The OOC group at Brunel University London ( incorporates toxicologists, engineers, life scientists and bioinformaticians.  The group’s research focuses on developing alternative systems to study women’s health issues, such as cancers, pregnancy outcomes and sexually transmitted infections. We are currently working on systems that replicate female organs (vagina, ovaries, placenta and breast) to better understand initiation, progression diagnosis and treatment of women’s diseases and disorders.

My other research interests include low cost, point of care diagnostics and prosthetics.

Research grants and projects

Research Projects