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Research area(s)

  • Gender and organizations
  • Management education
  • Gender and emotions
  • Gender and identity in organizations

Research group(s)

Research Interests

My research interests cover core themes of gender and management education and gender and careers. In terms of the former, funded by the British Academy and the British Council, my work on Gender and the MBA has been published widely in journals such as Management Learning, the Academy of Management (Learning and Education) journal and the British Journal of Management. Funded by the Nuffield Foundation, my work on gender and careers has recently focussed on the experiences of men in non-traditional occupations and has been published in the form of a monograph (Men in Caring Occupations, Palgrave) and in journals such as Human Relations, Gender Work and Organization and Work Employment and Society. More recently, funded by the British Academy, I have looked at the area of ‘dirty work’ and identity. This has led to a co-edited book (Dirty Work: Concepts and Identities) with a co-authored book (Class, Gender and Occupation: Working Class Men doing Dirty Work) in press, both with Palgrave. Other publications in the area include articles in journals such as Gender Work and Organization, Work Employment and Society and Qualitative Research in Management and Organization. I have eight authored, co-authored and co-edited books including a recent (2014) Oxford University Press: Oxford Handbook of Gender and Organizations.

Research grants and projects

Research Projects