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Dr Jessica Chelekis
Senior Lecturer in Sustainability Global Value Chains


I am senior lecturer in Sustainability and Global Value Chains and a member of the Marketing and Corporate Brand Research Group. I am also the MBA Deputy Director.

My research focus involves applying anthropological methods and perspectives to marketing and consumer research. My main interest is investigating how socio-cultural forces shape consumption patterns and values in modern societies. I am particularly interested in critical consumption studies – how and why consumers use ethical and political beliefs to guide their consumption choices.

Past research projects include an ethnographic study of direct sales and household economies in the lower Brazilian Amazon and re-conceptualising approaches to culture and regional analysis in consumer research. I am currently conducting a qualitative study on sleep routines, sleep-related consumption, and consumer selfhood in the UK.

I currently teach on the undergraduate Marketing programme and the MBA programme. My overarching goal is to teach students not how to find the right answers, but how to ask interesting questions.


I hold a PhD from Indiana University in Socio-cultural Anthropology. Before joining Brunel I taught marketing modules at University of Manchester and in the Marketing and Management Anthropology programme at University of Southern Denmark.


MBA Deputy Director

Newest selected publications

Bajde, D., Chelekis, J. and van Dalen, A. (2022) 'The megamarketing of microfinance: Developing and maintaining an industry aura of virtue'. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 39 (1). pp. 134 - 155. ISSN: 0167-8116 Open Access Link

Journal article

Singh, P., Brown, DM., Chelekis, J., Apostolidis, C. and Dey, BL. (2022) 'Sustainability in the Beer and Pub Industry During the COVID-19 Period: An Emerging New Normal'. Journal of Business Research, 141 (in press). pp. 656 - 672. ISSN: 0148-2963 Open Access Link

Journal article

Chelekis, J. (2018) 'Direct Sales in the Amazon: Precariously Mediating Regimes of Value', in Hahn, HP. (ed.) Markets as Place and Spaces of Economic Exchange: Archaeological and Ethnographical Perspectives. Oxford : Oxbow Books. pp. 208 - 227. ISBN 13: 9781785708930.

Book chapter

Chelekis, J. (2018) 'Informal debt in Amazonia: Market relationships and the art of collecting payment', in Hahn, H. and Schmitz, G. (eds.) Market As Place and Space of Economic Exchange Perspectives from Archaeology and Anthropology. Oxbow Books Limited. pp. 208 - 219. ISBN 10: 1785708937.

Book chapter

Chelekis, JA. (2017) 'Risks and strategies of Amazonian households: Retail sales and mass-market consumption among caboclo women'. Economic Anthropology, 4 (2). pp. 173 - 185. ISSN: 2330-4847 Open Access Link

Journal article
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