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Professor Simon Taylor

Professor Simon Taylor
Vice Dean International/Professor

Research Interests

Modelling & simulation in general including simulation applications (including healthcare and manufacturing), Grid and Cloud Computing for simulation, hybrid simulation, distributed simulation and standards. He is also strongly involved with the development of advanced high performance computing infrastructures (e-Infrastructures) for Africa.

Research supervision

Anastasia Anagnostou

Athar Neuman

Salaheddin Darwish

Adedeji Fabiyi

Nauman Chaudry

Research project(s) and grant(s)

Past funded research projects have included direct funding from industry (e.g. Ford, ING).


MAPGUIDE: Economic modelling of diagnostic/treatment pathways in NICE clinical guidelines: feasibility and value for informing decisions about updates. (Led by Brunel’s Health Economics Research Group (HERG) – responsible for developing simulation models). Medical Research Council. £345,000.

MATCH: Multidisciplinary Assessment of Technology Centre for Healthcare. (Responsible for simulation model development). EPSRC IMRC. £6,941,000.

BELIEF-II: Bringing Europe’s eLectronic Infrastructures to Expanding Frontiers II (BELIEF-II). Led by Metaware. PI Brunel. FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2007-2. Euro 1,100,000.

Investigating Ontologies for Discrete-Event Simulation. PI. EPSRC (EP/F026846/1). £48,000.

Investigation of COTS-based Distributed Simulation. PI. EPSRC (GR/R67392/01). £9,000.

Distributed Simulation. Commonwealth Research Scholarship, Visiting Research Fellow. £1,250.

Designing For Mobile and Distributed Work: Technology Use In Remote Settings. CI. EPSRC (GR/R09503/01). £60,000.

Developing Strategies and Infrastructure for Collaborative Simulation Modelling (GROUPSIM). PI. EPSRC (GR/N35304). £60,000

Current projects include:

EMPHASIS: Economic Modelling of PHysical Activity: Simulating InterventionS. NIHR. £426,702 (Led by Brunel’s Health Economics Research Group (HERG) – responsible for developing simulation models).

D3: Digitally Doing Drugs. EPSRC Digital Economy Programme. £800,000. Led by LSE. PI Brunel.

CloudSME: Cloud-based Simulation Platform for Manufacturing and Engineering. Led by University of Westminster. PI for Brunel (Product Development Manager). FP7-2013-NMP-ICT-FOF. Euro 4.5 Million.

eI4Africa: e-Infrastructures for Africa. Led by Sigma Orionis. PI for Brunel (Technical Coordinator). FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2011-2. Euro 920,000.

Cloud-based Systems Dynamics with Whole Systems Partnership. PI. Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme. £110,000.

I am also heavily involved with the Cumberland Initiative that is leading simulation modelling activities in UK healthcare.