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Brunel Medical School

Brunel’s Quad North building is the home of the Medical School - located in the heart of the campus close to all the main student amenities. The newly refurbished 2nd floor features state-of-the art learning and teaching facilities. 


The Medical School includes:

  • Anatomy Centre. A brand-new facility created to enable the learning and teaching of anatomy in an environment that embraces modern technology while keeping human specimens as the key learning resource. The anatomy suite houses plastinated specimens that display a wide range of anatomical structures and features, from whole bodies to isolated organ systems. You will work in teams and study the human specimens under the guidance of teachers with scientific and/or clinical backgrounds. There will also be radiologists guiding you through the assessment of clinical images obtained through a range of modalities such as X-rays, computerised tomography scans, MRI and ultrasound.

  • Two Clinical Skills Laboratories. Clinical skills learning and teaching will cover all key skills that you will need at the start of your clinical career: basic infection control practices, measurement of vital signs, checking blood glucose, venepuncture, cannulation, suturing, injections, examining eyes and ears and basic life support.

  • Communications Skills Centre. The Centre includes 18 consultation rooms where teams will learn to interact with simulated patients and real patients under the supervision of clinical teachers. You will develop your communication skills and learn to take histories for a range of medical conditions. Team members and staff will provide real time feed-back and opportunities for supervised role play of clinical scenarios.

  • Two simulated hospital wards. The wards offer a teaching environment where you can train safely and develop your clinical skills in preparation for interacting with patients on clinical placements. You will be taught in small groups and will learn how to conduct clinical examinations. There will be opportunities for you to book the space to practice with fellow students.

Simulated Ward
Simulated Ward
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Simulated Ward


  • Student Social Space. You will benefit from your own social space and comfortable lounge area where you can relax and interact with your peers, away from the learning environment. The social space will be equipped with a kitchen and games facilities. 

  • Student Support Office. This is the first port of call where you can go whenever you have a query about the School, the course, the University or your well-being. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be available to answer queries and to direct you to the most suitable on-campus support system.