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Medicine MBBS (subject to approval)


Our 5-year MBBS in Medicine is designed to equip you with the academic knowledge, clinical skills and personal attributes needed to become a competent doctor. We’ll give you the experience needed to confidently make evidence-based clinical decisions that will make a difference to people’s lives. You'll be awarded a Primary Medical Qualification called Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and are then eligible to undertake your Foundation/Residency training. 

The MBBS is open to students from outside the UK and EU. At the earliest opportunity we will be discussing with Health Education England and the Office for Students, to enable us to offer our medicine degree to students from the UK and EU (tbc) in the near future.

Entry requirements will be published shortly.


Learning and teaching 

You will learn how to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team through communication skills, simulation and ethical decision-making, which are all emphasised throughout the course. Team Based ​Learning, well-established in medical schools across the world, is used as classroom instruction. You will learn in state-of-the-art facilities and be taught by highly experienced clinicians and world-class academics in small groups for anatomy and developing clinical skills. 

Cutting-edge clinical skills training

You’ll be taught clinical skills and diagnosis from the first term of the MBBS. This will enable you to gradually build and develop your clinical knowledge base throughout your time at Brunel to an advanced level, ready for clinical practice.

Initially, your clinical skills training will take place at our brand new, state-of-the-art learning and teaching centre, supported by clinical skills laboratories and advanced digital technology. Then in the clinical settings you'll progress from observation to performing these skills under supervision.  You will also be working with patients on campus as well as in clinical settings.

Early patient contact

You’ll have valuable patient contact in your first year and over the duration of the MBBS course.  This will strengthen your learning and skills-acquisition to help make your studies relevant for your future role as a doctor.

Enhanced learning

We're a small medical school, which means our student-staff ratio is ideal so you should not feel lost in a large class. There’s one-to-one tutorials and group study in the classroom, excellent pastoral care, and opportunities to build life-long friendships with students from around the world.

More about Learning and Teaching

Interactive learning

We have an interactive approach to studying medicine to give you a deep learning experience for understanding the science and art of clinical practice and how health systems operate. You’ll be able to learn from each other, from clinicians and the patients themselves. 

Inter-professional and multi-professional learning is an important aspect of our course. You'll be interacting with your fellow students of the other health professional courses at Brunel - nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, physician associates, learning with and from one another.

Primary care teaching

You’ll have practical clinical teaching in primary care with the opportunity of working alongside local community healthcare teams. You'll discover many different medical themes: disease prevention, health promotion, counselling, patient education, diagnosis and management of acute and chronic illnesses.

Focussed on patient behaviour  

Our MBBS course is emphasising the ‘person-centred’ approach. This means you will first learn why people suffer from their condition and the various physical and sociological factors behind it, then how to treat the condition. You will discover a holistic approach to medicine, the importance of patient behaviours and values, and how the whole family can be affected.



Scholarships will be available. For updates, please fill out our enquirer form here. 

Clinical placements  

You'll undertake a wide range of clinical placements spanning across London and the South East of England. Here you'll not just be observing you'll have the opportunity to apply your clinical knowledge to real life clinical situations.

Student electives 

You’ll have the opportunity to choose and experience the medical practice within a completely different environment. More information can be found here.

Curriculum (subject to approval)




Entry requirements 

The entry requirements are to be confirmed. For all the latest information please register your interest here. 

Tuition fees 

Annual tution fees are to be confirmed. For all the latest information including scholarships please register your interest here.