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Student electives

In year 5 of your MBBS course (and after your final examinations), you’ll have the opportunity to complete an 8-week elective (6-weeks placement and 2-weeks on vacation) either in the UK or overseas.* This is an incredibly exciting part of the course where you’ll have the opportunity to choose and experience the medical practice within a completely different environment.

Many students may go to another country for their elective. But it is not mandatory to go overseas, for you can experience different social backgrounds, cultures and medical conditions in the UK.  Indeed, many regions of the UK are diverse, so can offer new clinical areas to explore.

The aim of Brunel’s clinical elective is to broaden the cultural experience of clinical practice and to engage actively in patient care in advance of your first post as a Foundation Year 1 Doctor.  It is possible that you’ll feel this placement is outside your comfort zone, nonetheless it is valuable preparation for the challenges ahead.

The elective placement is self-funded; travel and accommodation is not funded by the university. Costs are variable and will depend on the location.  Students looking for less expensive electives generally consider the UK options.

Overseas electives are permitted on condition that students have passed the final year examinations at the first sit (prior to the elective). Students who are unsuccessful in passing the final assessments of the MBBS course will need to retake them, so they are able to graduate and start their first job.  Therefore, the elective periods for those having to retake assessments are generally shorter and limited to a UK based placement. 

The Medical School will ensure compliance with health and safety requirements are in place -  for example, immunisations, insurance, communication, accommodation, and expectations around clinical practice (skills competence and application).
*Please note, it may not be possible to secure a placement in every country, for example USA.