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Vision, mission and values

Our vision

  • Advancing medical education and healthcare practice for a changing world; driven by science, technology and humanity.

Our mission

  • Nurturing our future of healthcare professionals to care for their patients and communities with kindness, professionalism and teamwork
  • To deliver a technology-enhanced, team-based curriculum, integrating scientific approaches with person-centred care
  • To provide a holistic system of student support that focuses on wellbeing and resilience, and providing students with a ‘home from home’ experience
  • To develop a global medical community, delivering compassionate care that makes a difference to people’s lives
  • To embrace the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the medical programmes, reflected in what students learn, how they learn and the support they will receive.

Our values

  • Inclusive - Fostering an inclusive learning community with diverse patient care experiences, to promote the ability to recognise and value the strengths of diversity in our UK and global communities
  • Collaborative - Establishing a culture of engagement, working with our community and health and social care partners to provide outstanding healthcare to all
  • Professional - Creating a culture of integrity and compassion, whilst developing skills to adapt and respond to change
  • Patient Centred - Learning and teaching, with the patient at the centre of all we do
  • Transformative - Actively encouraging collective, creative energy that will move our institution forward.  

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