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Student Support and Well-Being

Brunel Medical School

We understand that you may be coming a long way to join us. Our aim at Brunel Medical School is to make you feel welcome, supported, safe and at home on our international campus. 

We offer a comprehensive advice and guidance service from the admissions process and your arrival in London, throughout your degree until your graduation and progression into your career as a doctor.  

Our service starts with support on arrival at Brunel University London and will continue by steering you through the challenges you may face such as adapting to a life away from home, to studying in a new country and possibly in a new language and coming to terms with a foreign culture which might be puzzling or overwhelming.

Our student support is delivered by Brunel Medical School’s Student Support and Well-Being Team and gives you access to all Brunel’s Student Services in addition to the services and support tailored specifically to MBBS students.


Brunel Medical School Student Support and Well-Being Team

The Brunel Medical School Student Support and Well-Being Team is your first point of contact for all the services available to enhance your journey through the medical school. The team will help you identify resources available directly through the medical school or through the University and ensure you are appropriately supported if any issues arise.

The team will also provide resources, organise events and offer advice to help you improve your well-being, and quality of experience at Brunel Medical School. 

Brunel Medical School Student Support and Well-Being Office

Our office is located in the Medical School building (Quad North Room 229).

Team members

  • Head of Student Support – Dr Katherine Smith

  • Student Support and Well-Being Manager – Mrs Debbie Dyson

  • Student Support and Well-Being Officer – Emma Bolton

  • Student Support and Well-Being Officer - TBC

Services on offer include:

  • House Tutors with learning coach role

  • Peer Mentor

  • Brunel Medical School careers advice

  • Support for USMLE and MCCQE exams

  • Clinical placement support

  • Tailored support services specific to international students

  • Events for MBBS students to enhance their experience

  • Brunel University student services.

House Tutors

All Medical School students will be allocated a ‘House’, which they will remain part of for the duration of the course. Each student will be allocated a House Tutor, who will support their personal, academic and professional development through a structured series of individual and group House meetings. The House Tutors will have a learning coach role, to encourage you to reflect on your development and progression by achievement of personal goals. Your House Tutor will be available to advise on academic matters and help liaise with the School’s Student Support and Well-Being Team, who can help you locate the relevant professional services either in the School or University.

Brunel Medical School’s Careers Advice

Brunel Medical School will guide you through your medical studies, whether you intend to enter the UK Foundation Programme or return to your home country after graduating. We will help you in researching and understanding the requirements for practicing medicine in your country. We will also work with you to identify any additional resources and support you may require to meet the requirements.

Support for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE)

Some of you may wish to pursue your medical careers in Canada or the USA. A dedicated assessment advisor in the School will offer guidance on the USMLE  and  MCCQE assessments. The assessment advisor will discuss individual needs, and provide advice on approved preparatory resources, including review texts, practice question banks and online courses.

Tailored support services specific to international students

  • Guidance on your visa application and compliance with the UK Home Office

  • The transfer of a Tier 4 visa status to a Tier 2 visa for Foundation Training posts.

Events and support for Brunel Medical School students to enhance experience and Well-Being

A range of events will be organised by Brunel Medical School throughout your educational journey to help you meet your classmates and fellow House mates, find out about new cultures, and you can join a range of social activities organised in collaboration with the Brunel Student Union.

English language support

Prior to starting the course - If your level of English does not meet the entry requirements of the MBBS, you will be offered the chance to attend an English language course at the Brunel Language Centre.

The Centre runs pre-sessional English courses lasting from 6–50 weeks, depending on your needs. As you progress through your Medicine course, the Centre offers free academic English support through group courses and one-to-one consultations. This means you can continue to develop your skills in academic writing, reading, listening, discussion, pronunciation and presentation skills.

Medicine specific language classes: An important part of the teaching programme are our subject specific classes. There are English language sessions dedicated to the field of medicine which brings together students who will be studying similar courses. The focus here is on the skills and vocabulary needed for the health sector. Students also get the opportunity to visit interesting London venues to explore the discipline outside of the classroom.

If you require English language support during your study, you have the opportunity to attend English classes at our Brunel Language Centre.

Brunel University student services

The Brunel Medical School Student Support and Well-Being team can direct you to central student services, which provides individual and group student support to help students overcome certain challenges so that they can achieve their university goals. This includes counsellors, study skills tutors and access to the assistive technology centre.

Brunel University London has a vibrant, rich and dynamic population of staff and students from all over the world. We provide support and guidance on a range of equality and diversity issues. If you feel you are being treated unfairly or discriminated against, being bullied or harassed, we can help you access support that is right for you. Access to our ‘Brunel Buddy’ system in your first year. Our ‘Buddies’ are trained Brunel students who use their own personal experience of being a new student to answer your questions and let you know about available support services at Brunel.

Useful documents 

Supporting medical students with mental health conditions (gmc-uk.org)

For more student support information please visit:

Support for International students

Brunel’s Student Support Services  

Contact the Brunel Medical School Student Support and Well-Being Office

Tel: +44 (0)1895 266435

Email: BMS-Support@brunel.ac.uk