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Raising concerns


Raising a concern about a BMS student

Brunel Medical School (BMS) needs to be informed of concerns about any of its students to ensure the concern(s) can be addressed and the student receives appropriate levels of support.

If you have a concern about the health or behaviour of a BMS student, please report it via the online form. The form can be completed by members of Brunel staff, NHS staff, other external staff, members of the public, patients and/or their family and friends.

Speaking Up

BMS is committed to empowering and supporting students, who have experienced or witnessed something that has caused them concern, to ‘Speak Up’ and report it. Students may experience or witness incidents that upset or concern them whilst on campus, or in the clinical environment whilst interacting with patients, the public and other healthcare staff.

If you experience such an incident, as a medical student, please report it to BMS via the online form. 


Is your concern about a BMS student?








If you have any questions about how to raise a concern please contact_________