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PG Placements (September)

PG Placements (September)

Those taking part in Brunel University's postgraduate business courses (listed in the 'eligible course' section) have the option to include either a one-year or three-month professional work placement as part of their studies.

This provides an invaluable opportunity for students to gain real-world experience and build the skills that employers look for.

The prior work experience of our postgraduate students varies; therefore, their placements may differ. For those students with prior work experience, a fixed-term contract that requires relevant experience with be accepted as a placement. On the other hand, postgraduate students without any prior experience can apply for internships, placements, or unpaid roles.


      1. The organisation must be registered in the UK
      2. The role should either be relevant to or have an element of the student’s course embedded.
      3. The contract length should meet the minimum requirements laid out by the university (Short Placement: 6 weeks or 30 days at a minimum of 6 hours each day and Long Placement: 44 weeks or 220 days at a minimum of 6 hours each day). Please note that the length does not include any holidays. This will need to be added to the required length.
      4. A supervisor / line manager must be allocated for each student.
      5. The organisation must meet and agree to all UK Health & Safety standards.

 Students enrolled on the courses outlined in the 'eligible placement courses' section are able to begin a 3-12 month placement starting from September

      • Address any skill gaps within your business
      • Utilise an experienced international perspective in your workplace
      • Introduce new concepts and ideas for projects
      • Increase productivity within the workplace
      • Benefit from up-to-date course knowledge and relevant work experience
      • Utilise the placement as a trial period to determine their suitability for a contract extension or permanent positon

International students enrolled on all of the eligible courses above are able to work full-time (more than 20 hours per week) in placements that are approved by Brunel University London.

Please see section 9 - Annex C: Employment of specific categories of workers / work placements - UK Government right to work guidlines which confirms students can undertake full-time employment whilst on placement.


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When advertising, please follow these instructions:

  1. Select Placement/Internship in the Type of Job section
  2. Choose Post Graduate Placement in the Placement Type section if you are looking for postgraduates only
  3. Select 1-Year Placement in the Placement Type section if you are open to receiving applications from postgraduates and undergraduates


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