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Professor Dmitry Eskin

Professor Dmitry Eskin

Russell Building 119


Professor Dmitry Eskin (1963) joined Brunel University and BCAST in January 2011. He received his Engineering and PhD degrees in Russia and worked in Russian Academy of Sciences (1988–1999). Since 1999, he was a Fellow in Materials innovation institute and since 2008 also an Associate Professor in Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands). He also holds positions of Guest Professor at Tomsk State University (Russia), Editor of Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Subject Editor of JOM, Editorial Board member of Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, and Series Editor at CRC Press. Prof. Eskin is a well-known specialist in physical metallurgy and solidification processing of light alloys, author and co-author of more than 300 scientific papers, 5 patents and 7 monographs. Current interests include fundamentals of continuous casting, effects of external fields (incl. ultrasound) on solidification, and composite materials. Prof. Eskin is a recipient of Warren Peterson Cast Shop Technology for Aluminum Production Award (2011, 2013), Aluminum Technology Award (2013) from TMS (USA) and Medeleev Medal (2018) from Tomsk State University (Russia).

Recent projects:

  • Physical processing of molten light alloys under the influence of external Fields (Exomet, FP7)
  • Development of a degassing system for aluminium casting processing based on ultrasound (Ultragassing, FP7)
  • Degassing machine for aluminium casting process based on ultrasound (Doshormat, FP7)
  • Fundamental study of cavitation melt processing: opening the way to treating large volumes (UltraMelt, EPSRC)
  • Development of efficient and scalable ultrasound-assisted solidification technologies for manufacturing advanced metallic alloys (Ultra-Cast, EPSRC)
  • Upscaling environment-friendly cavitation melt treatment (UltraMelt2, EPSRC)
  • Sustainable and industrially scalable ultrasonic liquid phase exfoliation technologies for manufacturing 2D advanced functional materials (EcoUltra2D)

Newest selected publications

Khavari, M., Priyadarshi, A., Subroto, T., Beckwith, C., Pericleous, K., Eskin, D. and et al. (2021) 'Scale Up Design Study on Process Vessel Dimensions for Ultrasonic Processing of Water and Liquid Aluminium'. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 76. pp. 1 - 23. ISSN: 1350-4177 Open Access Link

Journal article

Beckwith, C., Djambazov, G., Pericleous, K., Subroto, T., Eskin, DG., Roberts, D., et al. (2021) 'Multiphysics Modelling of Ultrasonic Melt Treatment in the Hot-Top and Launder during Direct-Chill Casting: Path to Indirect Microstructure Simulation'. Metals, 11 (5). pp. 1 - 14.Open Access Link

Journal article

Khavari, M., Priyadarshi, A., Hurrell, A., Pericleous, K., Eskin, D. and Tzanakis, I. (2021) 'Characterization of shock waves in power ultrasound'. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 915. pp. R3-1 - R3-14. ISSN: 0022-1120 Open Access Link

Journal article

Wu, W., Eskin, D., Priyadarshi, A., Subroto, T., Tzanakis, I. and Zhai, W. (2021) 'New insights into the mechanisms of ultrasonic emulsification in the oil-water system and the role of gas bubbles'. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 73. pp. 105501 - 105501. ISSN: 1350-4177 Open Access Link

Journal article

Subroto, T., Eskin, D., Miroux, A., Ellingsen, K., M'Hamdi, M. and Katgerman, L. (2021) 'Semi-solid constitutive parameters and failure behavior of a cast AA7050 alloy'. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A: Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science, 52 (2). pp. 871 - 888. ISSN: 1073-5623 Open Access Link

Journal article
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