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Dr stasha Lauria

Dr stasha Lauria

Research area(s)

  • Neural Networks
  • Pattern Recognition/Processing
  • Natural Language based interactions
  • Dialogue Based systems.
  • Multi Agent Architectures.
  • Robotics
  • Machine-Human Interactions
  • Social Network and Machine-Human interactions
  • Big Data searches.

Research Interests

Dr. S. Lauria has been working in the area of intelligent robotics for more than 15 years, and is particularly specialised in modelling and training mobile robots by means of intelligent human-machine interactions. Specifically, he has investigated the use of various frameworks for representing knowledge and converting natural language into robot-understandable actions. He has established the Brunel Robotics Laboratory performing exploratory experiments on cognitive mobile robots. He has also investigated the use of various Artificial Intelligence paradigms for various signal processing domains.

His current activities focus on Machine-Human interactions. In particular, he is investigating the implication of Social Media on Human-Robot interactions and dialogue management aspects. Finally, he is exploring the use of robotics as an educational tool.

Research grants and projects

Research Projects