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Dr Yohan Noh

Dr Yohan Noh
Lecturer in Manufacturing Engineering

Research area(s)

His research interests include development of force and tactile sensors, haptics, robot assisted ultrasound diagnostic system, medical training system, medical robots, robot platform software development.

Research Interests

1) Design and fabrication for STIFF-FLOP arm (soft manipulators) (Since 2013) and Multi-axial Force/Torque sensors, bending sensors, and palpation instrument (since May 2013)

2) Robot arms, master/slave system, and image compensation algorithm for ultrasound scanning (since June 2014)

3) Medical training robots for airway management and neurologic examination (Since 2006)

4) A new miniaturised Force/Torque and tactile sensing arrays based on optoelectronic technology for medical devices and haptic globes

5) development of a new flexible manipulator integrating contact force sensors and shape sensors for MIS (minimally invasive surgery) (since 2016)

6) Development of a non-contact device for detecting small animal breathing in dedicated whole-body imaging instruments based on fibre optic technology (since 2017)

7) Prototyping a low-cost robot-assisted ultrasound diagnostic robot system (since 2018)

8) Developing a low-cost tactile sensing array for soft prosthetic hands using the light intensity modulation sensing approach (since 2018)

Research grants and projects

Research Projects