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Dr Kevin Lu Dr Kevin Lu Dr. Lu's research primarily focuses on marketing and business analytics, encompassing approach development, evaluation, and their practical applications. His studies employ methods such as mathematical modeling, optimization, and innovative approach design. Dr. Lu boasts a substantial publication record, with over 30 research articles in leading journals, 3 book chapters, and more than 30 conference papers. His research endeavors have received support from various organizations, including SAMS, GCRF, Innovate-UK, EPSRC, and the EU. Under Dr. Lu's supervision, ten PhD students have successfully completed their doctoral studies. His research interests include: - Marketing and business analytics - Understanding e-commerce through big data analysis - Problem-solving through the application of business and marketing analytics Dr Lu's research is focused on marketing and data analytics, a number of methods have been used in his studies, such as mathematical modelling, optimisation and operation research. Office Hours: Wednesday 14:30-15:30; Thursday 14:00 - 15:00; Dissertation Supervisions Monday 1-2pm.


Dr Abrahim Althonayan Dr Abrahim Althonayan
Email Dr Abrahim Althonayan Senior Lecturer in Ops Management
Abraham Althonayan is a Senior Lecturer in Operations, Strategic Management and Supply Chain and Lecture on the MBA at Brunel Business School for the past 13 years. He is a Senior Follow in Higher Education Academy (SFHEA). Abraham is strategy consultant and member of the Centre for International Business (CEIB) and Operations and Information Systems Management Research Group (OISM). Abraham is also acted Director of International Business Development and is also active in executive development delivery. He holds a PhD, MSc and BSc and lived in several countries, including Asia, Middle East (Dubai), USA and UK. For 35 years. Abraham frequently works with both national and international companies in sectors as varied as aviation, chemical and diversified services, financial services and not-for-profit sectors (including higher education institutions in the Asia, EU, Kazakhstan, Middle East, Turkey, Russian Federation countries) and UK. Abraham actively participated in several funded projects including Institutional Link in collaboration with Kazakhstan. He successfully managed to initiate, develop and implement many development and consultancy international projects in diverse challenging environments. In addition, Abraham is Programme External and PhD Examiner in several UK and international universities. Abraham is Certified Life Coach (CLC), Certified Executive Coach (CEC) and Certified Organisation Development Coach (CODC). Office Hours: Tuesday from 09:30 – 10:30 and Friday from 10:30 – 12:30 Strategic Management Technology Strategy Integrating Technology Strategy with Business and Corporate Strategies Enterprise Risk Management Leadership and Decision Making Supply Chain Management Critical Thinking Strategic Management Technology Strategy Integrating Technology Strategy with Business and Corporate Strategies Enterprise Risk Management Leadership and Decision Making Supply Chain Management Critical Thinking Operation Management Research group(s) Strategy Entrepreneurship and International Business (SEIB) Operations and Information Systems Management Research Group (OISM) Strategic Management; Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Airline Management. Office Hours: Tuesday and Friday from 11:30 – 12:30
Dr Ali El Samra Dr Ali El Samra
Email Dr Ali El Samra Lecturer in Digital Innovation
Ali is a Lecturer in Digital Innovation. Previous to this role, he was a Post Doctoral Research Associate at The University of Manchester, working on a Digital Transformation project with one of the leading FMCG companies. Ali holds a PhD in Management from Aston University, a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Bradford, and a Bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems from the Lebanese American University. Ali is also an experienced Business Consultant, having worked at big corporates in Dubai before pursuing his PhD. His research interests include: digital innovation, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, social media, and Big Data.
Dr Elham Shafiei Gol Dr Elham Shafiei Gol
Email Dr Elham Shafiei Gol Lecturer in Information Systems
Elham is an Assistant Professor (lecturer) of Information Systems in the division of sustainability and innovation at Brunel Business School. For a number of years, she worked in the Banking industry as a business analyst and a usability researcher before undertaking her doctoral studies in the Department of Digitalization at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Elham’s research interests include digital transformation and the future of work, digital labour platforms, creative crowdworking, digital innovation and responsible innovation. Her Ph.D. thesis focused on how creative crowdwork, a sociotechnical work system constituted through a set of relationships that connect organizations, individuals, technologies, and work activities through online platforms, is governed and organized to create value for job providers in the form of co-creation, inbound open innovation, and absorptive capacity. She has published her research outcomes in one of the top journals in IS field ( ABS 4) and with highly competitive conferences in the information system era, including the Journal of Strategic Information Systems and the ICIS and ECIS conferences. She also serves as a reviewer for different journals such as the Journal of Strategic Information Systems and Information & Management Journal. Elham is a member of the Association of Information research (AIS), Special Interest Group E-Business, AIS Women’s Network, and Platform Economy Interest Group (PEIG) at the University of Oxford. Elham’s research interests include digital transformation and the future of work focusing on responsible innovation, AI and digital innovation, digital labour platforms, and platforms' governance. Term1: MG5708( AI Strategy and Transformation) term2: MG5639 (Understanding Business and Management Research) Mg2607 ( Creativity, Innovation & Leadership) MB5530 (Information Systems in Organisations) Office hours: Tuesday: 12:00 to 13:00 Thursday: 12:00 to 13:00
Professor Habin Lee Professor Habin Lee
Email Professor Habin Lee Divisional Lead / Professor
I am Chair in Digital Business Analytics at Brunel Business School and have received a PhD in Management Engineering and MEng in Management Science from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). I am a Divisional Lead, Innovation & Sustainability that leads MSc in Busines Intelligence & Digital Marketing, MSc in Global Supply Chain Management, and BSc in Business and Management programmes. I am sitting at the Executive Board as the representative of Divisional Leads within the school. Previously, I gained industrial experience from BT Group CTO for 6 years before joining Brunel. I secured more than £3 millions of research grants from MRC, ESRC, EU FP7, H2020 and other international funding bodies to Brunel University London. I coordinated international research consortia including UbiPOL, CEES, MINI-CHIP, and GREENDC. My research interests include governance mechanisms in online communities and supply chain networks in public and private sectors applying computational big data analytics and process theories. The excellence of my research has been awarded by international institutes such as AIS (Association for Information Systems), WfMC (Workflow Management Coalition) and IET (The Institutes of Engineering and Technology) as well as BT Group. I published articles on international journals including Management Science, Journal of AIS, European Journal of Operational Research, IEEE Tr Mobile Computing, IEEE Pervasive Computing, Information Systems Management, and Government Information Quarterly among others. I have strong connections within the industry, providing paid consulting services to several companies including BT Group. · Clan governance (social moderation) in online communities · Disputes resolution processes in online communities · Network governance mechanisms and opportunistic behaviour in supplier buyer networks · Energy efficient governance mechanisms in organisations MB5530 Information Systems in Organisations MG1016 Managing Information with Technologies Consultation and feedback sessions: Monday 2:30 - 3:30pm, Wednesday 2:30 - 3:30pm. Please Book time with Habin Lee (Staff)
Dr Namkyu Baik Dr Namkyu Baik
Email Dr Namkyu Baik Lecturer (Education) in Digital Innovation
I am a lecturer in Operations and Information Systems Management in Brunel Business School and gained my PhD in business management from Brunel University in 2017. I have been at Bruel Business School since 2018 as a lecturer. Prior to joining Brunel University, I was the general manager of an airline company and worked for the airline for about 29 years. During that time, I gained some highly valuable experiences and skills in crisis management from the chaos of Icelandic volcanic eruptions as the station manager at LHR. As an instructor and facilitator for the training programme, I was awarded by the airline company as "the best staff of the year 2007.". I have some professional work experience in the procurement of aircraft engines, satellite communications (SATCOM), and others. I am interested in studying on information technology in analytics, operations and management in the aviation industry, procurement, and supply chain management. I have strong relationships with the industry, British Airways, Delta, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Menzies, Heathrow Airport (HAL), Korea Aerospace University, and Incheon International Airport (IIAC) Korea. Digital Innovation in Airline operations, UAM (Urban Air Mobility), Supply Chain Management, Risk Management and market response, Airport Operations and strategy, Airline safety, Using Drone warehouse management_RFID, Procurement strategy. Customer behaviour_Airline ticket refund with penalty (Justice Theory). Risk management in aviation (Market response) Digital Innovation. ** Academic Year 2022/23 ** 1. Teaching Modules - MG1016 Managing Information with Technology (Level 4)-Term 1 . Lecture at LECT.065/Friday 09:00-11:00 . Seminars at MSCT 360, 362 and ESGW 113a/ Tuesday 12:00-16:00 - MBA LMS-Project Management (Level 7) -Term 3 2. Office Hours (ESGW 103): - Tuesday 10:30-11:30, - Friday 11:30-13:30
Dr Ozlem Bak Dr Ozlem Bak
Email Dr Ozlem Bak Senior Lecturer in Operations Management
Dr Ozlem Bak is a Senior Lecturer in Operations Management at Brunel Business School, UK. She lectures on courses in operations management, research methods and supply chain management at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She has received her PhD from the University of East Anglia supported by a full scholarship from the University of East Anglia, Management School in the UK. Her PhD received Emerald Highly Commended Award in the field of Operations Management. Her current research interest and experience lies in supply chain management particularly organisational transformation and e-business implementations in supply chains; supply chain skills; supply chain risk and resilience; organisational transformation and Industry- Higher Education collaboration. Ozlem is the editor of three books and her research has been published in national and international journals such as Supply Chain Management an International Journal (SCMIJ), Production Planning and Control(PPC),Information Technology & People (ITP); Strategic Change; Benchmarking: an International Journal (BIJ); Journal of Qualitative Research. She has also edited three books on e-Business and Supply Chain Integration in public and private organisations and Green and Sustainable Supply Chains. Ozlems' academic activities are underpinned by industrial and commercial background which included experience in the automotive industry for companies such as Daimler Chrysler and Hyundai and distributors in the UK, Germany and Turkey as well as Consultancy. eBusiness enabled organisational transformation; supply chain skills; SME Supply Chain Resilience and Risk; Higher Education eBusiness enabled organisational transformation; supply chain skills; SME Supply Chain Resilience and Risk; Higher Education Teaching at UG and PG level Operations and Project Management as well as research methods Office Hours :Monday 13:00-15:00 and Tuesday 13:00-14:00
Dr Soohyun Jeon Dr Soohyun Jeon
Email Dr Soohyun Jeon Lecturer in Information Systems
Dr. Soohyun Jeon is Assistant professor/Lecturer in Operation and Information Systems Management at Brunel Business School. Prior to joining the University, He had worked for the Department of Information Systems at KIMEP University, Kazakhstan for Three years. He received a Ph.D. degree in MIS from Korea University Business school, South Korea. His research interests lie in the area of Cyber Security, Digital Business Models, Data Analytics, and Design Science. His research works have appeared in conferences and journals, such as The database for advances in information systems, Information Technology and people, Behaviour & Information Technology, HICSS, SIGSEC WISP, and PACIS 2023Fall_Office hours: Monday (11:00 - 12:00 & 14:00 - 15:00), Wednesday (10:00 - 12:00) My research interests have two streams. First of my research interest revolves around improving the effectiveness of information security through the socio-technical artefact. Second, my interest is that analyze the social situation drawing upon data analytics techniques. Data Analytics Multilevel analysis (MSEM, MLM) Digital Business/Marketing Mixed method (Quant + Qual) Cyber Security Design Science Business Model Multicultural Research Managing Information with Technology, Research Methods, Issues and Controversies in Management Project, Information Systems in Organisations, Understanding Business and Management Research Individual Assignment 2023Fall_Office hours: Monday (11:00 - 12:00 & 14:00 - 15:00), Wednesday (10:00 - 12:00)
Dr Xia Han Dr Xia Han
Email Dr Xia Han Lecturer (Education) in Digital Innovation Management
Dr Xia Han joined the Operations and Information System Management Group of Brunel Business School in May 2021. He holds a PhD degree from Cambridge University, and an MSc degree in Information Systems from the London School of Economics (LSE). Prior to his academic career, he had nearly a decade of corporate experience in the Automotive, Media and IT industries in Europe and Asia. He has published articles and book chapters in peer-reviewed academic journals and industry-oriented outputs such as the International Journal of Operations and Production Management, the Tsinghua Business Review, and the Springer Books Series. Multi-sided Platforms Commercialization of Emerging Technologies Servitization Supply Chain Management I am teaching the following modules this term: MG5598 Technology Management MG5603 Professional Consultancy in BI and SM Office Hours: Wednesday: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Dr Navid Sahebjamnia Dr Navid Sahebjamnia
Email Dr Navid Sahebjamnia Senior Lecturer in Operations and Information Management
At the OISM Research Group in Brunel University London's Business School, Navid is a Senior Lecturer specializing in Operations and Information Systems Management. He earned his PhD in Management Science and Operation Research from the College of Engineering at the University of Tehran. Before joining Brunel Business School, he worked in academic and research roles at Middlesex University London and Brunel University London. Navid is keen on teaming up with experts from various fields to work on multidisciplinary research projects and submit them for funding to organizations like the European Research Council and UK Research and Innovation. He has extensive experience in building networks and forming European consortia with both academic and industry partners. Navid's research is centered around creating mathematical models to optimize supply chain and logistics operations. His passion lies in developing multi-objective and stochastic programming models to achieve sustainability and resilience objectives. His expertise includes: Sustainable and Resilient Operation Management, Supply Chain and Logistics, Multi-Objective and Stochastic Programming Methods, Business Analytics. Navid is dedicated to leveraging his extensive knowledge and skills to drive a significant and positive transformation in the operations management of the transportation, Agri-Food, and Primary industry sectors. Operation Management Business Analytics Global Supply Chain Management
Ms Yang Hai Ms Yang Hai
Email Ms Yang Hai Lecturer in Information Systems
I am a lecturer in information system at Brunel Business school. My research interests encompass business data analysis, medical data analysis, energy optimisation along with the development of their corresponding decision-making systems. I am a dedicated researcher specialising in the fields of statistics, econometrics, and operational management, with a keen focus on harnessing data-driven machine learning techniques. My expertise lies in utilising large datasets to extract valuable insights and optimise operational processes. By merging statistical analysis and econometric principles with machine learning methodologies, I strive to enhance decision-making and efficiency across various industries. I am the module leader of MG5602 (Mobile, Social Media and Cloud services) and MG5633 (Digital Creativity and New Media Management). I also teach the lab session of MG1016 (Managing Information with Technology).
Mr Amir Ashrafi Mr Amir Ashrafi
Email Mr Amir Ashrafi Lecturer in Business Information Systems
Amir Ashrafi is a Lecturer in Business Information Systems at Brunel Business School, Brunel University London. He is also currently a Ph.D. Candidate of information systems in the Alliance Manchester Business School at the University of Manchester. He has published a number of papers in acclaimed journals, i.e., Technological Forecasting & Social Change, International Journal of Information Management, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, and Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing. His research focuses on Digital Innovation & Transformation, AI, and IT Business Value. Office hours: Monday (12:00 - 13:00), Wednesday (12:00 - 13:00), Friday (11:00 - 12:00) Digital Platforms, Digital Business Strategy, Organizational Identity Digital Transformation & Innovation, Artificial Intelligence MG5639 (Understanding Business and Management Research)
Dr Ashkan Pak Seresht Dr Ashkan Pak Seresht
Email Dr Ashkan Pak Seresht Lecturer in International Business
Dr Ashkan Pakseresht is currently holding the lecturer (Assistant Professor) position in International Business at the Division of Global Management within the Brunel Business School in London. He holds a PhD in Business Economics, an MSc in Economics and Management, a Master of Business Administration (in International Business), and a BSc in Engineering. Dr Pakseresht's research expertise revolves around three key areas: innovation management, internationalization processes, and sustainability. He diligently explores these topics to unravel the complexities and intricacies associated with them. Additionally, his teaching endeavors encompass a wide range of subjects, including economics for business and management, international trade, strategic management, and entrepreneurship. Some of the published journal articles are listed on this page under the "Newest selected publications". For more details, please visit my Google Scholar page link below: ‪Ashkan Pakseresht‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬ Student feedback and drop-in sessions term 2: Tuesdays and Fridays 13:00-14:00 Dr. Ashkan Pak Seresht studies innovation and technology strategy, with a particular focus on understanding how large firms both generate and respond to new technologies. He has two main areas of research. First, he studies the interplay between technology strategy and supply chain management, examining the transformative impact of technological innovations on optimising and enhancing efficiency as well as the sustainability of supply chain processes. Specifically, He is intrigued by the integration of Industry 4.0-powered digital applications (AI, IoT, blockchain, big data, digital twin, physical internet) into [global] supply chain systems. He is keen on investigating how these technologies can streamline logistics, improve real-time tracking, and foster greater transparency across the entire supply chain network. Second, he studies how technology adoption decisions and outcomes are shaped by how firms structure and manage key human capital relationships. He investigates how the preferences and demands of shareholders/managers can shape an organization's innovation strategy. Moreover, my interest extends to analyzing the implications and challenges associated with adopting these technologies, aiming to contribute valuable insights that can inform decision-makers and industry practitioners. Main research interests concern innovation management in the context of domestic and international business, the impact of managers' cognitive processes on firm international activities, and determinants of the internationalization strategy of multinational enterprises including the technology choice. His recent research focuses on managers' willingness to adopt novel technologies and firm productivity. Technology management in [international] supply chain systems Sustainability innovation diffusion in agri-food systems Innovation management in the context of domestic and international business Digitalization of multinational enterprises (MNEs) and Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) Circular and sustainable business models in the agri-food supply chain I teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field of international business and general management such as Economics for Business and Management, International Business Strategy, International Trade, and Understanding Business and Management Research. I also supervise BSc, MSc and PhD theses. Currently, I am the module leader of MG2012 Economics for Business and Management. Below you can find my availability for student feedback and drop-in sessions. Student feedback and drop-in sessions: Academic Year 2022/23 - Term 2: Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Please ensure that you use ONLY your BRUNEL EMAIL address when booking an appointment with me. I will not send calendar invitations to any other email addresses as this is not permitted by Brunel's email policy. Please specify whether you want to meet ONLINE OR IN PERSON. Alternatively, you can book online Supervision meetings: Dissertation Supervision (FYP): Monday 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Previous teaching experience includes: Quantitative Finance - Theory and Applications Environmental Risk Management and Accounting Marketing Research Leadership and Sustainability
Professor Afshin Mansouri Professor Afshin Mansouri
Email Professor Afshin Mansouri Professor - Operations and Supply Chain Management’
Afshin Mansouri is a Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management at Brunel Business School (BBS). He holds a PhD, MSc, and BSc in Industrial Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology. In addition to his academic education, he has gained valuable experience working for several business organisations in the fields of production and project management. Prior to joining Brunel University London, he held academic and research positions at the University of Tours, University of Tehran, and King’s College London. His areas of interest encompass sustainable operations, supply chain management, and disaster relief, utilizing OR/MS methodologies and data-driven decision-making. During his tenure at BBS, he has held various leadership roles including Director of Research (2017-22), overseeing BBS's REF 2021 submission, Director of Postgraduate Studies (2016-17), and Course Director for BSc Business and Management (2010-16). Professor Mansouri has secured over two million euros of funding as a Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-Investigator (Co-I) in eight projects from EU and UK funding bodies. He is recognized as a pioneer in the field of Green Scheduling and is actively working to expand its application in both the maritime and manufacturing sectors. In the PortForward project, Afshin successfully led the development of The Green Yard Scheduler (GYS), an innovative decision support system aimed at improving the sustainability and productivity of container terminals. This system has progressed from fundamental principles to TRL7, marking its first implementation at the Port of Vigo in Spain. Afshin is a member of the EPSRC Peer Review College, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA), and a member of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Science (INFORMS). Sustainable operations management Humanitarian operations and disaster management Green scheduling Data-driven decision making Business analytics My current research is focused on two strands that are inspired by the trend of global challenges regarding humanitarian operations, and sustainable operations. In the first strand, I look for ways to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and fairness of humanitarian operations at different phases of disaster management cycle from preparedness to response, recovery, and mitigation. In the second strand, I analyze trade-offs between the environmental. economic, and social sustainability dimensions at firm and supply chain levels in manufacturing, service, and maritime sectors. For these, I primarily employ analytical methodologies from the Operations Research and Management Science, Decision Science, Intelligent Search, Data Analytics, Data-driven Decision Making, and Game Theory. I am also familiar with Empirical Research methodologies including Quantitative and Qualitative techniques and have used them in a number of research projects. Research group(s) Operations and Information Systems Management Research Group (OISM) Logistics and Supply Chain Management (MSc) Operations Management (MBA) Office hours: Thur 13.30-14.30; Fri 11.00-12.00
Dr Hemamali Tennakoon Mudiyanselage Dr Hemamali Tennakoon Mudiyanselage
Email Dr Hemamali Tennakoon Mudiyanselage Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Management
Dr. Hemamali Tennakoon is a Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Management at Brunel Business School. Before joining Brunel University, Dr. Hemamali held the position of Senior Lecturer in Management at Univeristy of Aberdeen. Prior to this, she was the Head of Business School/Senior Lecturer at Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology, a higher education institution established in partnership with Staffordshire University in the UK and Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation in Malaysia. Prior to this, she worked in the capacity of Research and Policy Development Specialist at Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team | Co-ordination Center (CERT|CC), a Government organization affiliated to the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka. During her time at Sri Lanka CERT|CC, she was involved in information security policy development, training and research. I am interested in supervising PhD research projects in the following broad areas: The human side of technology use and online behaviours (e.g. online security and privacy issues, cyberpsychology, and digital antropology) Social media business modeuls, and social media use for entrepreneurship I am a member of two research groups at Brunel: Operations and Information Systems Management & Strategy Entrepreneurship and International Business. As a researcher, Dr. Hemamali is interested in studying the effects of privacy and security issues on human behavior in cyberspace. She has authored/ co-authored several research articles published in peer-reviewed academic journals including ‘Computers in Human Behaviour’, ‘Journal of Information Technology & People’ and the ‘International Journal of Human-Computer Studies’. In addition, she has presented her work to academic and technical audiences nationally and internationally at various events including the British Academy of Management Conference (2012), Australian Computer Emergency Response Team (AusCERT) conference (2016), and Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team (APCERT) Conference (2016). In 2016, she served as a Member of the Grand Jury of the prestigious ‘e-Swabhimani’, National Best e-Content Award competition. In 2019, she was involved in European Commission’s Research Executive Agency SME Instrument Evaluation as an expert evaluator. Module Leader- MG5606 Global Business and Investments Module leader- MG5564 International Business Strategy Seminar leader- MG3604- Issues and Controversies in International Business Final Year Project Office Hours: Thursday & Friday 10.00 am-11 am
Dr Jun Chul Kim Dr Jun Chul Kim
Email Dr Jun Chul Kim Lecturer in Digital Business
I teach entrepreneurs of the future how to mine data for winning insights at Brunel Business School. Prior to this academic role, I served various senior executive roles in corporate alliance, C-level sales and innovation with one of the largest telecom operators in Asia Pacific over two decades. Through the Practitioners’ perspective, I bring the live scenes of business to the lecture room to augment the learning experience of UG and PG students. My research interests include corporate strategies in alliances and outsourcing decisions applying computational big data analytics and network theories. Having specialised the roles of global partnership and sales covering across continents, I endeavour to use my professional agility to build interdisciplinary networks and bridge the gap between professional practice and theoretical knowledge. My primary research focus is on governance mechanisms within network contexts. Specifically, my research interests include: Investigating the effectiveness of reputation and trust as strategies for partner selection in buyer-supplier networks. Designing governance mechanisms for blockchain-based online platforms. Teaching Teaching Schedule for the 2024/25 Academic Year: Term 1: MG3119: Issues and Controversies in Management Project (Final Year Project, Level 6) Term 2: MG5589: Global Outsourcing (Module Leader, Level 7) Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays: 13:00 - 15:00 Additional times available by appointment (Please Booking your time in advance).
Dr Ramin Behbehani Dr Ramin Behbehani
Email Dr Ramin Behbehani Lecturer in Operations Management
I am a lecturer in Operations Management with the Operations and Information Systems Management (OISM) research group at Brunel Business School. My academic journey transitioned from over a decade of executive experience in the oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors to a passion for academia and education. I continually seek to make my teaching relevant to the managers of the future and make them ready for the challenges they will face in contemporary business settings. I always bring fun aspects to my classes and utilise new technologies to support learning and enhance student engagement.My research mainly focuses on exploring and expanding the social side of operations management and more contemporary aspects of organisational performance such as sustainability, green supply chain and green policies. Modules: Marketing Channels and Logistics Research Method for Business and Management Procurement Fundamentals Office hours: I have regular appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 13:00 to 14:00, which you can book here for a face-to-face or online meeting. If you can't make my regular hours, please email me, and we'll find a time that works for you!

Doctoral Researchers

Mr Michael Gyabaah Mr Michael Gyabaah Michael Gyabaah is a Doctoral Researcher at the Brunel University, London with the College of Business, Arts and Social Science. Michael boasts of more than eleven years work experience in Development Banking and Hospitality management sectors. Michael has extensive experience in operations and performance management. Michael has an Msc. Global Supply Chain Management, MBA (Human Resource Management), Bsc. Management with Economics and Advanced Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management. Procurement and Supply Chain Performance, Outsourcing and Organizational Performance and Performance Appraisal. The research area is E-Procurement and Supply Chain Performance. The technological advancement has come to the attention of organizations around the globe, accordingly, companies are using the electronic media for commercialization of goods, precisely, payment of goods and execution of other area of the procurement contract. The contribution of e-procurement to the performance of the supply chain for planning and strategic decision making cannot be over emphasized.
Dr Changwon Park Dr Changwon Park I am currently pursuing a Doctoral Research programme in Information Systems Management at Brunel Business School, where I am under the supervision of Professor Habin Lee. My research focuses on examining the impact of people's movements on the spatial value and performance of specific industry areas, with a particular emphasis on the hospitality management industry. Before entering academia, I spent over a decade working in managerial roles for government-related organisations in Korea. My responsibilities included organising and hosting trade show events to facilitate the expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises into international markets. This professional experience sparked my academic interest in the hospitality industry, particularly in the context of exhibitions and conventions. During this period, I pursued concurrent academic studies and received a Ph.D. in Hospitality Management with a focus on trade shows. Following the completion of my Ph.D. degree, I served as a lecturer and research professor at both KyungHee University and Gachon University in South Korea. Leveraging my strong industrial background, my research has continued to be oriented toward business-related aspects, with a particular emphasis on trade shows. Ph.D.(Ongoing) in Information Systems at Brunel University London, UK Ph.D. in Hospitality & Tourism from KyungHee University, South Korea Master's degree in Political Science from Yonsei University, South Korea Bachelor's degree in Law from SungKyunKwan University, South Korea Data Mining & Analysis Performance and Value Evaluation Marketing Scale Development Consumer Satisfaction Measurement Service Failures and Recovery Management Information System Hospitality & Tourism (Exhibitions & Conventions) Geographic Data (People's Physical Movement) Policy and Law (Legislation) Peace by Cooperation and Exchange
Mrs Lynda Oh Mrs Lynda Oh
Email Mrs Lynda Oh PhD Student
Lynda Oh joined Brunel Business School as a Doctoral Researcher in October 2020. Her research focuses on Modern Day Slavery in Supply Chain Management.
Miss Yanfang Ai Miss Yanfang Ai Yanfang is a Visiting Researcher at the Brunel University London with the College of Business, Arts and Social Science. She is pursuing Ph.D degree at Xi'an Jiaotong University (China) and her major is Management Science and Engineering. Yanfang has a Msc. in Management Science and Engineering and a Bsc. in Information Management and Information System. She is interested in pre-positioning and procurement strategies of relief supplies and hopes to discover more efficient procedures to enhance capacity of relief supplies in the event of major disasters. Yanfang has participated in the 16th-18th Conferences of the Chinese Society of Emergency Management, Asia Emergency Management Conference (Macao) and made academic presentations. She participates in a research project which is titled 'Incentive Mechanisms for Entrusting Storage of Relief Supplies. The project aims to analyze the operation mechanism of the logistics system under the government-led, government-enterprise cooperation, outsourcing and integrated platform modes, coordinate the supply chain of relief supplies and ensure that each participant has the incentive to participate in procurement agreement to satisfy the public's demand for the quantity, variety, quality, and timeliness of the relief supplies under the conditions of sudden disasters. Humanitarian Logistics Supply Chain Management Relief Supplies Procurement and Prepositioning Compound Option Pricing Integration of Commercial Logistics and Humanitarian Logistics My research is focused on pre-positioning and procurement strategies of relief supplies at three-tier supply chain. Considering the risk of supply disruption, the supply capacity of critical raw materials, the production and conversion capacity of manufacturers, and the impact of government subsidy strategies on the supply of relief supplies, and taking into account the lack of critical raw materials during COVID-19 and China's response decision-making practices, to improve supply capacity and satisfaction rate of relief supplies. The main method used is game theory. Accepted and under review journals include Computers & Industrial Engineering, Chinese Journal of Operations Research and Management, and Chinese Journal of Safety Science. Publication Yan-Fang Ai, Jun Tian, Geng-Zhong Feng. (2024). Pre-positioning and procurement strategy for relief supplies with the critical raw material participation. Computers & Industrial Engineering,187,
Ms Ying Ma Ms Ying Ma
Email Ms Ying Ma PhD Student
I'm YING MA, a Ph.D. candidate at Brunel University in Information Systems, is conducting research on AI technology continuance intention, with a special focus on the integration of group dynamics theories in marketing and AI technology applications. This research aims to unravel the factors influencing users' continued interaction with AI chatbots, delving into user satisfaction, the role of perceived chatbot intelligence, and the impact of privacy and trust issues. The research is expected to contribute to the development of a theoretical model for AI chatbot engagement, offering practical guidelines for enhancing user and community engagement and addressing ethical considerations in AI development. If you find this area of research interesting, especially its applications in business, I would be humbled and pleased to discuss it further with you. Please feel free to reach out to me. Human-chatbot interaction Consumer behavior Continuance intention