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Sociology Department Staff List

<span class='contactname'>Dr John Roberts</span>
Dr John Roberts
Reader - Sociology and Communications
<span class='contactname'>Professor Sarita Malik</span>
Professor Sarita Malik
Professor - Media, Culture and Communications
<span class='contactname'>Dr Simon Weaver</span>
Dr Simon Weaver
Senior Lecturer
<span class='contactname'>Dr Paul Moody</span>
Dr Paul Moody
Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications
<span class='contactname'>Dr Hauke Riesch</span>
Dr Hauke Riesch
Divisional Lead / Lecturer in Sociology
<span class='contactname'>Dr Peter Wilkin</span>
Dr Peter Wilkin
Reader - Comms, Media & Cultural Studies
<span class='contactname'>Dr Sara De Benedictis</span>
Dr Sara De Benedictis
Senior Lecturer in Sociology
<span class='contactname'>Dr Sharon Lockyer</span>
Dr Sharon Lockyer
Reader In Sociology & Communications
<span class='contactname'>Dr Magali Peyrefitte</span>
Dr Magali Peyrefitte
Senior Lecturer in Sociology
<span class='contactname'>Dr Billur Ozgul</span>
Dr Billur Ozgul
Lecturer in Political Communications
<span class='contactname'>Dr Anita Howarth</span>
Dr Anita Howarth
Senior Lecturer in Journalism
<span class='contactname'>Dr Owen Coggins</span>
Dr Owen Coggins
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Research Fellow
<span class='contactname'>Dr Eleanor Tiplady Higgs</span>
Dr Eleanor Tiplady Higgs
Lecturer in Sociology
<span class='contactname'>Dr Victor Jatula</span>
Dr Victor Jatula
Lecturer in Communications and Journalism