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Dr Daniel Bishop
Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Heinz Wolff 203

Research area(s)

My research is centred on Bikeology, the application of scientific research to improve people’s ability to cycle competently, confidently and safely.

 As an experienced commuter cyclist, an applied psychologist, and a devoted dad, I decided to combine my passions - and Bikeology was born. I am drawing on more than two decades of cycle commuting experience, my extensive knowledge of attentional, perceptual and cognitive markers of expertise, and the knowledge that one day my children will cycle on busy roads without me...

Much of our research is conducted within the LEAP Lab, in which we systematically explore factors that contribute to learning and performance of motor skills, the development of expertise, and multisensory perception in dynamic environments.

Research Interests

I am interested in optimising people’s ability to function effectively in a variety of contexts including education, work, cycling, driving and sport. The same rigorous scientific principles can be applied across all these domains and more.

Research grants and projects

Research Projects


Barriers and Enablers for Children and Parents' Cycling: A Prospective Longitudinal Study Using Survey, Interview, A.I. and Intervention Data
Funder: The Bikeability Trust and Department for Transport
Duration: January 2022 - September 2022

Brunel University London is in Hillingdon, an ethnically diverse borough which is home to 19,946 children aged 10-14 years. Children in this age group are missing out on accessing Bikeability Level 3 training: despite a thriving Bikeability Level 2 programme in the borough, the number of Bikeability Level 3 sessions is low . This project is designed to improve our understanding of why, and to identify ways in which we can increase children's cycling in the borough, using a variety of technological approaches to do so.