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Dr Daniel Bishop

Dr Daniel Bishop
Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Heinz Wolff 203

Research area(s)

These are best summarised by my leadership of the LEAP Lab , the remit of which is to systematically explore factors that contribute to the learning and performance of motor skills, the development of expertise, and multisensory perception in dynamic environments.

Research Interests

Put succinctly: my work is concerned with optimising people’s ability to function effectively in a variety of contexts including education, work, cycling, driving and sport.

Research supervision

I am currently supervising Emma Jane McLoughlin (, who is investigating decision-making processes in Gaelic football; Adele Burnett (, who is examining dispositional influences on skilled netball umpires' decision making; Fabio Castro (, whose research focuses on the use of crossmodal sensory augmentation to enhance motor skill (re)acquisition; and Toby Staff, who is investigating the relationship between novices' and atheletes' perceptual-cognitive abilities and their acquisition of complex motor skills.

Recent PhD completions:

  • Dr Viktor Gredin
  • Dr Colm Murphy
  • Dr Giorgia D’Innocenzo
  • Dr Leighton Jones
  • Dr Hayley Barton
  • Dr Harry Lim