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Dr Kang Shan

Dr Kang Shan
Dr Kang Shan
Research Fellow
Building 2, 1st floor, TWI
Monday - Friday from 08.30 to 16.30


Qualifications: BSc, MSc, PhD

Dr Kang Shan graduated with Bachelor degree and Master Degree from Shanghai University of Science and Technology, and PhD degree from Zhejiang University.

His research interests include Computer Vision, Image Processing, Deep Learning, Non-destructive Testing etc.

Dr Kang Shan has been working on various projects e.g. ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), ITS (Intelligent Traffic Surveillance System), CBIR (Content Based Image Retrieval), Blurred Image Recovering, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Face Recognition, Signature Recognition, Subtitle Detection, Document Layout Analysing, Object Detection using Deep Learning etc. He has one patent regarding Image Data Processing.

He is currently working on the European Non-destructive Testing projects X-Scan and ShipTest.