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Mr Jamil Kanfoud

Mr Jamil Kanfoud
Mr Jamil Kanfoud
Technical Manager
Building 2, 1st floor, TWI
Monday - Friday from 08.30 to 16.30


Mr Jamil Kanfoud has worked on the development of novel passive noise cancelling solution for the Ariane V space launcher. He has had a 3 year experience in the academic world as a faculty member including 2 years heading the electromechanical department at an engineering college. As head of a department, he managed 40 permanent faculty staff and 850 students. Under his leadership, the electromechanical department developed collaboration with the industry implemented innovative pedagogies (problem based learning and project based learning).

Jamil joined TWI Ltd in 2014 where he worked mainly on collaborative projects delivering technical work (numerical modelling, analytical modelling, sensor selection, data processing, prototype design and assembly) and managing the collaborative projects. He continued working in the aerospace field working on the de-icing of aerodynamic surfaces using transient vibrations and electro-thermal heaters. He also worked on passive and active control solutions using spring-dampers, piezoelectric actuators and PID Control. Most of his efforts were dedicated to the development of condition and structural health monitoring technologies for pipes and wind turbines machinery and structures.

During his 2 year experience, Jamil developed experience in collaborative projects (H2020, FP7 and InnovateUK). He also led technically 12 proposals, among which he secured an H2020 thematic and 2 H2020 FTI.

Jamil joined Brunel Innovation Centre in 2016 as technical manager of the innovation centre. His responsibilities include looking after the successful delivery of the portfolio of projects BIC is involved in as well as the development of research strategy for the innovation centre and the identification of funding opportunities for business development.