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Rohit Kshirsagar

<span class='contactname'>Dr Rohit Kshirsagar</span>
Dr Rohit Kshirsagar Email Dr Rohit Kshirsagar Phone Dr Rohit Kshirsagar
Research Fellow
Building 2, 1st floor, TWI
Monday - Friday from 08.30 to 16.30

Qualifications: MSc, PhD

Rohit  obtained his MSc from Coventry University in 2014. Previously, he has worked with other reputed organisations such as Larsen and Toubro Ltd. and Bosch India Ltd. where he gained hands-on experience in the manufacturing environment. He also was also involved in business process development and engineering change process development at Larsen and Toubro Ltd. where he gained experience on embedding manufacturing systems with software support.

He also worked as a composite product development engineer at GKN Hybrid Power as an RA from Coventry University. During his time at GKN, he was heavily involved in the development of specifications and manufacturing processes for flywheels made of composite materials including the magnetically loaded composite (magnetic particles dispersed in the resin during a filament winding process). He was also responsible for the fatigue calculations of the flywheel rotors that are a part of the Gyrodrive systems used in London buses.

Rohit completed his PhD in 2019 from Coventry University, UK. His primary interest lies in the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning for the optimisation of various manufacturing processes including welding and additive manufacturing. During his PhD, he implemented various algorithms for the prediction and reverse optimisation of properties of the welds made in austenitic stainless steels specifically for aerospace applications. Apart for the development of AI tools for prediction and optimisation, he also has a strong background in material science and metallurgy for such applications.