The Sensors and Instrumentation (SI) Group research activities cover both particle physics and space science research where the need for an understanding of the radiation environment and its effects on detector operation is paramount.  The group has extensive practical and computational modelling expertise using in-house laboratory facilities and various simulation codes including PENELOPE and Geant4.  A summary of available facilities is:

  • Cobalt-60 irradiation at rates up to ~ 1kGy/hour
  • Operation of detectors in vacuum & at cryogenic temperatures (down to -120 deg°C)
  • X-ray tube sources and a Bede X-ray microsource for X-ray diffraction (XRD) and fluorescence (XRF) work
  • Large sample UV-visible-IR spectrophotometry
  • 4 Tesla superconducting magnet
  • Access to and experience with irradiation facilities in the UK and abroad


Dr David Smith, Imaging for Space & Terrestrial Applications
School of Engineering & Design
Telephone +44 (0)1895 266593

Professor Peter R Hobson, Deputy Head of School (UG)
School of Engineering & Design
Telephone +44(0)1895 266885/266799

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