Administration, Policy and Regulations

Ordinances and Regulations

The Council and Senate of the University issue Ordinances and Regulations which describe core policies and procedures.

Quality Assurance

Senate is responsible for the academic quality and standards of the University. To assist it in assuring the standard of the University's awards, Senate appoints External Examiners, highly experienced professionals and academic staff from other institutions or organisations who review and assess work in accordance with University and national regulations. The Quality Assurance Agency undertakes regular reviews of each University, procedures for assuring quality and standards. Information about the University is also published on the Unistats website.

Freedom of Information Act

As a public body, the University is covered by the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. Read our Guide to Information (PDF).

Summary of our Terms

In addition to the contractual information sections contained in the undergraduate and postgraduate prospectuses such as course descriptions, financial and general information, students will be subject to the terms and conditions stated in our offer letters and the University's Statutes, Council Ordinances and Senate Regulations and all University rules, policies and procedures from time to time in force.

The Summary of Terms and Disclaimer contain important information which all students are advised to read before accepting an offer/registering.

Summary of Terms

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