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The Beldam Gallery is currently closed. 

The University is undergoing a major organisational restructuring and reallocation of space to support its research and teaching missions, which requires that we secure as much flexibility from our existing space as we can, particularly over the next 2 to 3 years. We are currently reviewing our options and once we have a clearer view of the way ahead we will be able to say how we will continue to contribute to the wider cultural life of the local community, which is something that we have been very pleased to do in the past and will look to continue to do in the future.


The Beldam Gallery has a diverse programme of temporary exhibitions showing a wide range of contemporary art and craft including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation, film, video and sound art. This programme includes the work of regional, national and international artists, as well as a dedicated emerging artist showcase occurring annually.

The gallery is part of the university's Arts Centre and is now in its new location in the Eastern Gateway Building at the campus entrance on Kingston Lane. Originally located in the Wilfred Brown Building, it is named after Dr Robert Beldam CBE, a great benefactor of Brunel from its earliest days, who facilitated the opening of the original gallery in 1997.

The Beldam Gallery is open to all: members of the public, casual visitors and the university community, which currently comprises over 16,000 students from over 120 countries, and around 3,000 members of staff.


gallery interior

EGB outside

Current Exhibition

28th May 2014, 11:08am - 11:08am

No further exhibitions planned - Gallery closed.

Coming Soon

28th May 2014, 11:08am - 11:08am

No further exhibitions planned - Gallery closed.

Community and Education

The Beldam Gallery is currently closed.


carers web
Karers 4 Kidz community group visit Reveal 2013 at the Beldam Gallery


Oliver looking through sculpture at gallery visit Brunel March 2013 web
Karers 4 Kidz enjoying Jayne Wilton's work when they visited the exhibition Suspense


owl 4 web
Still from a dance routine performed by Bishopshalt School pupils, in response to their visit to the Beldam Gallery to see Reveal 2013


img024 640x478 Jayne Wilton
Karers 4 Kidz workshop outcome in response to Jayne Wilton's Emergence series of prints, above.


Photographs on this page are shown with kind permission from Karers 4 Kidz and Bishopshalt School.


Gallery closed - No further opportunities are available



Recent calls:

Call to Emerging Artists: Thirst 2014

What: An exhibition opportunity
Who:  Emerging artists of any age who are recent graduates
Where: The Beldam Gallery, Brunel University
When:  20 January – 21 March 2014
Application Deadline: 10 October 2013

Emerging artists who are within five years of graduating from a BA or MA course in the visual arts are invited to apply to take part in Thirst at the Beldam Gallery in spring 2014.  This professional exhibition opportunity will enable emerging artists to show existing work in a high quality contemporary gallery space. Thirst provides an insight into a broad range of contemporary art practice by showcasing the work of a diverse selection of artists. The project will provide exposure for practitioners and reveal their work to new audiences.

Artists can apply to take part by submitting a proposal to the University Curator, describing their practice and detailing the work that they would like to exhibit. Selected artists will be invited to discuss their work with the curator and agree together which exhibits in their proposal will form part of the display. Applications will be accepted from collaborative artists or individuals and submitted works may take the form of drawing, painting, printmaking, video, sound, photography, craft, digital media, ceramics, installation or sculpture.

This is a competitive process and all proposals will be viewed by Brunel University’s Curator. Work will be selected on the basis of quality and of suitability to the venue. Artists are encouraged to be ambitious and present their work to the highest standards. There is no theme for this opportunity and your application should genuinely reflect your own practice and interests.

No exhibition fee is available; however a small contribution towards costs may be possible.  The Beldam Gallery is not a commercial space, but does have a history of sales. If your work is for sale then please note this in your proposal. The Beldam Gallery charges a 20% commission rate on all sales.

To submit your proposal, please send the following information in hard copy to George Mogg, University Curator, Arts Centre, Brunel University, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge UB8 3PH:

· A statement about your practice

· A CV or other information about previous projects and experience

· An exhibition proposal detailing the work you wish to show and why

· Documentation of past and current work: up to 15 images on a CD / up to 15 images hard copy/ up to 10 minutes of footage on DVD or up to 10 minutes of sound work on CD

You will need to detail the installation requirements for your work in your proposal. Your work will be installed by the curator and colleagues from the Arts Centre.  If your work needs to be installed by you personally, you will need to explain how you will undertake this, what equipment will be needed and any health and safety considerations necessary. If selected, a full risk assessment may need to be carried out in consultation with the Arts Centre Resources Manager and your work may need to be adapted in response to this.

All work will need to be delivered to the Beldam Gallery at an agreed time on or before Monday 20th January 2014, and collected when the exhibition concludes on March 24th or 25th 2014. You will need to be able to make your own arrangements for delivery and collection of any work in the exhibition, although we may be able to contribute to the costs of transportation. You should detail whether this will be necessary in your proposal. Work cannot be stored after the collection date. Proposals can only be returned if a stamped addressed envelope is provided. Please do not send original work.

Technical information: The Beldam Gallery is unattended when open. Video, sound or digital media should be supplied on a continuous loop. Manual operation of equipment will be subject to Arts Centre staff availability. If the use of electronic timers and sensors for electrical equipment is a possibility, you should consider this.

If your work will require electrical equipment, please list what will be needed, and whether it will be provided by yourself or the gallery. All electrical equipment brought on site will be PAT tested in situ by the University’s contractors.

Should you wish to discuss your submission or submit your proposal in an alternative format, please contact George Mogg on

Additional information about the Beldam Gallery:

The Beldam Gallery, part of the University Arts Centre, is located in the Eastern Gateway Building at the Kingston Lane entrance of Brunel University, near our main reception. Both reception and the gallery are open to the public 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday - Friday. If driving to Brunel, you will be able to use the Kingston Lane entrance only, and parking restrictions apply on campus between 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. Pay and Display parking is available. Uxbridge underground station is a 20 minute walk/ five minute bus ride a way and is served by the Piccadilly and Metropolitan line. The gallery has full disability access, and disabled parking is available near the gallery entrance. Full location and transport details are available on

Deadline for proposals: 10 October 2013

George Mogg, Arts Centre, Brunel University London, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge, UB8 3PH.

Previous Opportunities

University Collection of Artworks

Brunel University Collection Of Artworks


Brunel University has a diverse collection of artworks, which are displayed throughout its campus in Uxbridge, West London. It holds over 80 oil paintings, most of which are contemporary works.

Artworks have been acquired for the University since its earliest days and the collection is added to annually. Of particular significance is our collection of 26 paintings by artist Alan Bennett, who has depicted the unique architecture and landscape of the campus from the 1970s to the present day. Many of his donated works and special commissions portray Brunel and its surroundings, and this collection reflects both the changing face of the university and the journey of an artist’s practice which spans 40 years. We also have on display several of Bennett’s significant early abstract works.

Alan Bennett, Stage Landscape, Oil on canvas, 1968

The goal of the Artworks Collection has been to enhance the university environment and to benefit students, staff and visitors. The collection is located across the Uxbridge campus and artworks can be found in nearly all academic and administrative buildings. 

Not all locations are open to the public. Please contact the curator if you are planning a visit.

You can view the university's collection of oil and acrylic paintings online, as part of the Public Catalogue Foundation's project to provide online access to publicly owned oil paintings across the country

View Brunel University's Collection of Oils

Richard Millar, Untitled, Acrylic on canvas


The Gallery is now closed

Eastern Gateway Building, Brunel University, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge, UB8 3PH
Telephone +44 (0)1895 266074

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