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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I sign up to multiple courses?

Yes, the Summer School is a mix and match programme where participants can select one or a combination of courses to suit their requirements as well as offering the opportunity to take part in all courses.

Past delegates have provided feedback that they benefited from taking part in the full Summer School, both from the perspective of the educational experience and comparative analysis. Taking part in the full Summer School can maximise your learning and cultural experience as the programme is designed to work holistically as an integrated programme. 

For those travelling from outside the UK, there are clear efficiencies in taking a package of courses as well as the cost savings in the aggregate discounted pricing for the full Summer School.

What is covered in the course fees?

Fees for the course include: cultural immersion, tuition, course dinner, lunches for all day schools and walking tours at the Inns of Court (Course 1, 3)*, and Court visits (Course 1, 3)*.  

*Corresponding to the scheduled days for the relevant elected course.

What do I do if I require accommodation?

There are a number of secured discount rates with local hotels which are available to participants. Brunel University London is also happy to assist with inquiries regarding travel to the venue and accommodation near to campus for those participants requiring accommodation. 

For more information on travel and accommodation, please email:

What were the profiles of students who participated in previous summer school?  Were the majority of them from competition agencies or law firms?

Past delegates included representation from:

  • The public sector including Government departments and sector regulators
  • UK and International law firms
  • Academics (mostly PHD students)

The countries represented included:  UK, India, Colombia and more.

How many students do you normally have in a class?

The Summer School operates through a variety of plenary (full Summer School) and group sessions.

All participants attend the plenary sessions grouped ‘cabaret style’ around tables of 4-6 participants. Experience has shown that this contributes to active participation and an interactive experience.

Most individual sessions involve a practical exercise which is usually conducted in smaller groups (up to 6 participants) followed by feedback in plenary. Throughout the week we seek to mix up the groups to encourage knowledge share and enhance the learning and networking experience.

I am an International passport holder, do I need a Visa to attend the summer school?

It is more than likely that you will need a short term study visa. Please check the UK Visa and Immigration website as immigration regulations change frequently.

Will I receive a Visa support letter/invitation?

Yes. Once we have received payment in full, you will need to request a VISA invitation letter from, you will be asked to provide your name as it appears on your passport, your passport number and your full address.

What pre-reading should I do in preparation for the summer school?

There is no expectation for any pre-reading however, there are multiple suggested resources that you can find by clicking the 'resources' button on this page.

In addition, there are suggested books for Course 3: Hong Kong Compettion Law by Conor Quigley and Suzanne Rab (Hbk: 9781509906420) and Course 4: Media Ownership and Control Law, Economics and Policy in an Indian and International Context by Suzanne Rab and Alison Sprague (Hbk: 9781849466356 / Pbk: 9781509913893). To order these books go to: and receive a 20% discount by using the discount code CV7 at the checkout.

You may also find it very useful to subscribe to Professor Suzanne Rab's LinkedIn Competition Group where she posts short notes on international competition law developments:

For any other enquiries, please email