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Brunel Comparative Competition Law Summer School 2022

Following the Virtual Summer School in 2021, we are delighted to offer the Summer School in person again in 2022. 

With over 100 countries now having competition laws and many more in the pipeline, academic, policy-making and business interest in antitrust enforcing shows no sign of relenting, many newer regimes are drawing inspiration from more established enforcement regimes including the EU and the UK, but each with their own specific features and legal risks.

The Summer School offers a comprehensive immersion into international competition law starting with EU and UK competition law and drawing on newer competition regimes which have recently adopted competition law, with a focus on emerging competition law in Asia, Latin America, Africa and case studies from India and Hong Kong, among others.  The impacts will be explored in and across the economy and within certain sectors that have attracted regulatory scrutiny. 

New in 2022, as part of the Summer School we are pleased to offer an introduction into comparative analysis in competition law in the Middle East. A personal one-on-one telephone session for each participant with a member of faculty following completion of the course is also included to reflect on feedback and key learning.

Our Summer School is led by a practitioner who practices extensively in this area and has advised on the design and implementation of new and developing regulatory regimes in the UK and internationally. She is supported by our faculty experts. Many of our experts have experience across the disciplines of law, economics and policy which facilitates our integrated and synergistic approach.

Download our Brunel Comparative Competition Law Summer School 2022 leaflet.

This Summer School will be of particular interest to: 

  • Postgraduate law students: LLM students or graduates with an interest in EU, UK and international competition law
  • Practitioners: Lawyers in private practice in the UK, EU, Asia, Latin America and Africa, focusing on domestic and, actually or potentially, international competition law.  Lawyers, case officers and economists at competition and regulatory authorities internationally.  Any non-competition lawyers seeking an understanding of EU, UK and international competition law in-depth and in an intense environment
  • In-house: In-house lawyers and compliance officers in businesses with UK, European and international operations, seeking a greater understanding of competition law
  • Academics: Academics with a dual interest in EU and emerging markets competition law, and media and sector regulation
  • Policy and government: Policy-makers, lawyers, case officers and economists in government departments, and competition and regulatory authorities internationally
  • Any of the above individuals with an interest in the interface between competition law and media regulation
  • Any of the above individuals seeking to deepen their foundational knowledge of competition law (whether gained on the Summer School or existing) with a ‘deep dive’ into India and Hong Kong competition law

Special features:

  • A full learning and cultural experience through a combination of classroom sessions, cultural immersion, social activities and interaction (including course dinners, and dining, tour and seminar at the Inns of Court)
  • Opportunity to interact and share insights with peers from the UK, EU and international legal and economics community across the public and private sector
  • Beyond text-book learning, you will apply your learning in real-life scenarios under the guidance of a practitioner barrister with over 20 years of experience in UK, EU and international competition law and economic regulation
  • Participants will gain and develop practical skills for dispute resolution in competition cases through skills-based training in the areas of interviewing, advocacy and alternative dispute resolution, including mediation

Teaching and learning:

  • A combination of classroom learning and workshops, seminars and visits allows for participants to gain a maximum exposure to the subject areas in a format which appeals to different learning styles
  • Use of video and interactive media to bring to life case studies and drawings from the latest techniques in adult education
  • Course evaluation to record your satisfactory completion of the course
  • Participants will have an opportunity to test their knowledge and experience in practice through interactive workshops that put them 'in role' in genuine and challenging situations

Career prospects:

The Summer School will be of benefit to participants at different points in their careers, including those assessing their options for future careers in the area of competition law and regulation, or those seeking a stronger intellectual and practical foundation for the application of these disciplines in their current work.

  • As competition law and economic regulation are increasingly adopted worldwide, participants considering opportunities in law, policy and economics will benefit from the comparative and specialist experience and immersion
  • Those with a policy focus will benefit from the insights into both established and newer regimes
  • Many of the emerging regimes contain substantive and procedural features which are inspired by EU law, and where an understanding of this regime continues to be valued internationally. The UK has been at the vanguard of developing a world class competition regime and centre of excellence in these areas, and is expected to remain so in the coming years
  • This is an area where a strong academic foundation and practical experience of law and economics in specific sectors is important. The Summer School provides an environment which combines these elements
  • This area is often not covered in-depth on undergraduate courses, and participants taking the course may find it useful to attend the Summer School to test their interest in further in-depth study

Certificate of Completion award:

All participants that complete their elected course and pass their assignment will be given a Certificate of Completion. For courses 1, 2 and 3 the certificate will be awarded on achieving 60 marks or more and 90% attendance. For course 4 the certificate will be awarded on achieving 60% or more and attendance in full at the one off Workshop.


Summer School programme


Academic programme

Course test 

Course 1: UK and EU Competition Law

25 July - 29 July: Monday - Friday day school BST

Electronic submission 

Course 2: Practical Skills for Competition Dispute Resolution

30 July: Saturday 

Electronic submission 

Course 3: International Competition Law

01 August - 05 August: Monday - Friday day school

Electronic submission 

Course 4: Comparative Media Ownership Regulation


Self study with a bonus discussion on 28 July

Electronic submission 


Past participants of Brunel Comparative Competition Law Summer School praises the programme on many aspects including its rich content, interaction and strong delivery. 

"This course was excellent as to its coverage, structure and delivery. Positives: breadth of knowledge, passion and ability to communicate of the tutor, right balance between big picture and detail, strong focus on interactive workshops ... international perspective"

"The practical sessions worked really well. The summer school is a great platform to sharpen your skills and the material provided was all very relevant"

"The mock trials and visits to Legal London were a big highlight"

"Rich in content, interactive and highly interesting" 

"Thorough, engaging, practical course which helps to equip you well for practice ... Suzanne delivers the course with passion, energy, huge experience, humour, charm and a great deal of interaction."

What did participants on previous courses enjoy the most?

‘Practical examples and insights provided by the facilitators’

‘Opportunity to apply knowledge to practical problems’

‘Cultural exchange with participants around the world'

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