Below is a list of modules available to students in the undergraduate English programme. Please note that the core texts may change in 2013-2014.

Overview of Modules - N.B. Modules are provisional dependent on recruitment etc

Code Module Leader Module Title
Year 1
EN1014 David Fulton Approaches to Dramatic Text
EN1016 David Fulton English in Evolution
EN1017 Sarah Penny Introduction to Fiction
EN1018 Sarah Penny Introduction to Writing Drama
EN1019 Nick Hubble Popular Fictions
EN1702 Sara Trevisan Texts, Contexts and Intertexts
Year 2
EN1601 David Fulton Introduction to Writing Poetry
EN2001 Jessica Cox 19th Century Novel
EN2002 Sara Trevisan Shakespeare: Text & Performance
EN2010 Jessica Cox The Women's Movement and 20th Century Writing
EN2011 Jago Morrison Postcolonial Writing
EN2014 Wendy Knepper Modernism
EN2016 Celia Brayfield Writing Journalism
EN2017 Matt Thorne Writing the Short Story
EN2019 Max Kinnings Screenwriting
EN2021 Sean Gaston Romanticism & Revolution
EN2025 Celia Brayfield Writing the Journey
Year 3
EN3000 Sarah Penny Creative Writing Special Project
EN3003/EN3004 Madeleine Wood Special Project
EN3005 Bill Leahy Shakespeare - The Return of the Author - Not running in 2014-15
EN3019 Anshuman Mondal Postcolonial Perspectives
EN3022 Jessica Cox Victorian Literature and Culture
EN3025 Anshuman Mondal Writing India
EN3028 Matt Thorne Writing Modern Fiction
EN3029 Max Kinnings Writing Comedy
EN3030 Sarah Penny Creative Writing Minor Project
EN3032 Sean Gaston Jane Austen and Her Novels
EN3036 Nick Hubble Post-millennial Fiction
EN3037 Max Kinnings Writing Modern Drama
EN3039 Elizabeth Evenden The Muslim World in Early Modern English Literature - Not running in 2014-15
EN3040 Sean Gaston/William Watkin/Will Self Critical Perspectives 2: Contemporary Perspectives
EN3604 Claire Lynch Writing Ireland
EN3605 William Spurlin Modern & Contemporary Lesbian Literature
EN3606 James Knowles Erotic Bodies: Gender, Sexuality and Early Modern Writing
EN3607 David Fulton Modern British Poetry After Modernism and Postmodernism
EN3609 Jago Morrison Post-war and Late Twentieth Century Literature, 1945-2001
EN3611 Wendy Knepper Moving Modernisms - Not running in 2014-15
EN3612 Benjamin Zephaniah Writing Poetry for Performance
EN3613 Sarah Penny Creative Writing & The Creative Industries
EN3614 Sara Trevisan Literary Geographies in Early Modern Britain
Please click here for a downloadable PDF of level 3 options running in 2013-2014 (excluding dissertation and special projects).

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