Wendy Knepper


Senior Lecturer

Room: Gaskell Building 135
Brunel University
United Kingdom
Tel: 01895 267816
Email: wendy.knepper@brunel.ac.uk


Wendy Knepper completed her PhD in comparative literature at University of Toronto (2001). Prior to joining Brunel in 2010, she was a visiting fellow at the Institute for the Study of the Americas, University of London (2007-09) and held a post-doctoral Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada fellowship at Harvard University and New York University (2003-05). She has taught at the Humboldt University in Berlin and Queen Mary, University of London. Moreover, she worked for many years in the IT sector in various marketing managerial and entrepreneurial roles.

Dr Knepper teaches and researches in the area of globalizing literary studies from the modernist period to the present. She is the author of Patrick Chamoiseau: A Critical Introduction (2012) and the York Notes Companion to Postcolonial Literature (2011). She has published widely in the fields of world literature and postcolonial studies with particular focus on Caribbean and black British fiction as well as contemporary women’s writing. To offer a few examples, her current and forthcoming publications consider works by Wilson Harris, Edwidge Danticat, Jamaica Kincaid, Nalo Hopkinson, Andrea Levy, Zadie Smith, Caryl Phillips and Michael Ondaatje. She is the co-founder of the Brunel Gender & Sexuality Research Centre.

At present, she is working on a book-length project about world literary mappings of terror and cataclysmic events in contemporary Caribbean writing, the Palgrave guide to Caribbean literature and a collection of articles the role of literary experimentation in a globalizing world.

Research and Teaching

Research Overview

Wendy Knepper has published research on Caribbean and postcolonial literatures, globalization, and gender studies. Her research interests include modernist literature, particularly in a transnational context. Literary experimentation, trauma theory, affect, gender, and world literary circulations are of particular interest.

Teaching Activity

Wendy Knepper teaches in the areas of modernism, postcolonial literatures, feminist and gender theory, and globalization studies.



Journal Papers

(2013) Knepper, W., Cataclysmic Life in Wilson Harris's Jonestown, Journal of Postcolonial Writing 49 (2) : 161- 73

(2013) Knepper, W. and Burns, L., Revisionary “-scapes” of globality in the work of Wilson Harris: introduction, Journal of Postcolonial Writing 49 (2) : 127- 132

(2012) Knepper, W., Introduction: Andrea Levy's Dislocating Narratives, EnterText (9) : 1- 13

(2012) Knepper, W., In/justice and necro-natality in Edwidge Danticat's Brother, I'm Dying, Journal of Commonwealth Literature 47 (2) : 191- 205

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(1996) Knepper, W., Translation Theory, Utopia and Utopianism in Paul et Virginie, Aguirre: Wrath of God, Candide and New Atlantis, Dalhousie French Studies Winter 1996 (37) : 41- 58

Book Chapters

(2014) Knepper, W., Cross-Dressing and the Caribbean Imaginary in Nalo Hopkinson’s Midnight Robber. In: Ledent, B., Fumagalli, MC. and del Valle Alcala, R. eds. The Cross-Dressed Caribbean: Writing, Politics, Sexualities. Charlottesville : University of Virginia Press forthcoming-

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(2011) Knepper, W., How Does your Garden Grow? Jamaica Kincaid’s Spatial Praxis in My Garden(book): and Among Flowers: A Walk in the Himalaya. In: Upstone, S. and Teverson, A. eds. Postcolonial Spaces. London : Palgrave 40- 56

(2010) Knepper, W., Re-membering the Last King of Dahomey: Diasporic Desires and Black Masculinities in Les derniers rois mages and L’exil du roi Béhanzin. In: Ouzgane, L. ed. Men and Masculinities in African Film and Fiction. London : James Currey 164- 177

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(2006) Knepper, W., Confession, Autopsy and the Postcolonial Post-mortems of Michael Ondaatje's Anil's Ghost. In: Matzke, C. and Muehleisen, S. eds. Postcolonial Postmortems. Editions Rodopi -


(2012) Knepper, W., Patrick Chamoiseau: A Critical Introduction. University of Mississippi Press

(2011) Knepper, W., Postcolonial Literature. Longman

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