Games Design Guest Speakers for 2013

Published: Wednesday 2 January 2013

Please find below the Guest Speakers for our games courses for Spring 2013.

All guest talks start at 1pm sharp in room LC062 in the Lecture Centre. Visitors and guests of students are also welcome to attend.


9 Jan


Original Inventor of Civilization and Railroad Tycoon. Francis will be relating how the original game designs came about and how they were transformed by Sid Meier into the classic PC games we know and love

16 Jan


Life-President of Eidos, OBE and Chairman of Playdemic (Gourmet Ranch). Ian will be talking about the movement from AAA games to the ‘new economy’ free-to play and social networking games and speculating on the future of the industry.

23 Jan


The man who brought the original PlayStation to Europe. Chris was CEO of Sony Europe during the launch of the PlayStation and is fondly referred to as ‘The Father of the PlayStation’. In this talk he will give a candid commentary on the PlayStation; what worked and what didn’t, and the future of the console.

30 Jan


A technical programmer, Adam worked on Lionhead titles before leaving the AAA studio to go independent. In this talk he will be revealing how all the AV assets are stitched together into the complex beast we know as a videogame. An Invaluable technical talk aimed at a non-technical audience..

6 Feb


Jervis is Games Workshop’s Senior Game Designer. Apart from the development of Warhammer and Warhammer 40K, Jervis is inventor of Blood Bowl which won a coveted Origins Award in 1994

13 Feb


Paul is CEO of Mediatonic, a London based developer specialising in free-to-play, cross-platform and mobile games like: Amateur Surgeon, Evolution and Superbia. In this talk Paul will be describing why the business model has been so successful for Mediatonic and speculating on the future of the industry.

20 Feb


After working for several years as Senior Game Designer at Creative Assembly, Anna left to go Indie and to run the new studio as a co-operative. In this talk she will relate the design and creation of Lady Shotgun, her new team’s first title, and Buddha Finger. Also how the co-operative model has worked for them

13 Mar


Richard is Brand Manager of Wizards of the Coast titles for Hasbro Europe. He will be describing the market for non-digital games and cross-over products and the opportunities that exist in the print industries

20 Mar


Tony is Editor-in-Chief of EDGE magazine and Edge on-line. He will be offering experiences, tips and suggestions for would-be games journalists

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