Music at Brunel University focuses on developing a rounded twenty-first century musicianship. Our programmes are centred on the music of our time, but are also informed by a broader understanding of the history and materials of western music and of other musical traditions.

We offer four undergraduate programmes and a masters programme – all focus on the twentieth- and twenty-first centuries while exploring the music of the past in ways that help us understand and respond to the current musical world. All music degrees at Brunel provide a strong base of knowledge and craft to enable students to become flexible, skillful and creative twenty-first century musicians.

Exceptional staff

Staff include some of the leading figures in European contemporary music: composers John Croft, Christopher Fox and Colin Riley, ensemble music innovator and improvisation leader Peter Wiegold, jazz musician Frank Griffith, electronic music experimentalists Harald Muenz and Carl Faia and leading contemporary pianist Sarah Kingdom Nicolls.

Flexible, original courses

Brunel offers a number of undergraduate (BMus and BA) programmes, an MA/MMus in Experimental Music and supervision at MPhil and PhD levels.

Whether you are interested in performance, composition, writing about music, or using new technologies, Brunel offers a programme which will provide you with both the necessary professional skills and a rigorous academic grounding. Our degrees begin from a core of essential knowledge and skills, and progress to increasing specialisation in your chosen area. Along the way you can choose options in topics such as popular music, music perception, conducting, orchestration, and improvisation. All programmes also allow you to undertake a practical or written special project of your own choosing at Level 3, with individual supervision.


Latest News

BEAM Festival 2014

The year's BEAM Festival launches on 30 June.

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