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Creative Writing

Creative Writing BA

The BA Creative Writing programme at Brunel University is one of the oldest-established in the UK, and is taught by an uniquely qualified teaching staff fully active in the fields of literature, film, journalism, academia and new media. You will work within a vibrant academic discipline that specialises in contemporary literature and culture, and be part of a School dedicated to the contemporary arts. We are a forward-thinking, industry-focused course that will help you achieve the best from yourself.

English with Creative Writing BA

BA English with Creative Writing is the perfect course to both learn about English Literature from the Renaissance to the present day and to gain crucial literary skills that will equip you to read and write at a high level.

This course is designed to develop your knowledge, understanding, and analytical and creative skills through the analysis, interpretation and creation of literary texts and your own creative writing in a range of genres. The range and choice of modules ensure that you will achieve a sound understanding of the principal genres and periods of English literature while at the same time developing your own writing ability.

Creative Writing and Games Design BA

This innovative new combination of the excellent BA Creative Writing and Games Design at Brunel University will allow you to develop your own writing skills as well as equip you for a potential career applying them in the games industry. Many questions of narrative and storytelling are at the heart of our study of games, which comes from an Arts perspective and does not require any programming or computing specialisms. You'll study games in the same depth as other texts you read and write,and find that many of the skills taught by the Creative Writing side of the programme can be cross-applied to games design, and vice-versa. The course has an excellent relationship with the games industry, and Brunel frequently hosts guest lectures from all manner of games design professionals.


The English department at Brunel University is one of the best in the country and was this year ranked 6th in the UK (Guardian League table 2015).

BA English
BA English at Brunel spans everything from Shakespeare to Zadie Smith, Emily Bronte to Eminem. Traditional modules run alongside more innovative options covering areas such as fairytales, postmodernism, popular literature, south Asian writing, women’s writing, experimental literatures and digital technologies.

Our courses are designed to develop your ability to read texts in increasingly complex and diverse ways. We explore literature by looking at its structures and forms as well as the varying contexts in which it is produced and read. We examine the relations between writer, text and reader and interrogate the ways in which contexts shape and affect interpretation of varieties of texts.

You will have the opportunity to specialise by selecting from a wide range of options according to your own particular tastes and interests, be they in contemporary poetry, drama, fiction, literatures of the past or literatures from cultures remote from our own.

Games Design

Games Design can be studied at undergraduate level as a single honours degree or in complementary combination with another subject from the School of Arts. We have a dedicated Games Lab which provides a great place to play games of all formats old and new, and mix with staff and students investigating this exciting new academic topic. All games students also benefit from our high-profile guest speakers programme, which atracts experienced designers and developers from all over the games industry to give talks at Brunel.

BA Games Design

In the past 30 years digital games have become core to some of the largest businesses in the world and a significant element of popular culture. This degree aims to produce graduates who have a comprehensive understanding of the factors that shape the games industry and the techniques and principles used in the design of games. You will have the opportunity to design and analyse digital and other types of games at a high level and develop an informed understanding of current debates in the subject. 

As well as BA Games Design we also offer joint degrees with complementary Arts' subjects since we believe part of what makes good designers is the breadth of knowledge that this type of study offers. However, it is possible to gradually increase the amount of Games Design modules taken over the course of the degree, culminating in a third year focusing entirely on games if students so wish. The six options below are the joint degrees which we currently offer.  

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Film & TV

BA Film and Television Studies

Our programme offers an innovative and flexible approach to the study of film and television. You will be given the chance to explore a wide range of material, from both analytical and practical perspectives. From Hong Kong cinema to Bollywood and Hollywood and from science fiction to documentary, our modules are designed to give you a highly up-to-date understanding of the world of film and television, a crucial part of the contemporary social and media landscape.

A sample of student practical work

Our main strength is our teaching team, a fact reflected in the very positive responses our modules get from student feedback. A key feature of the course is that our tutors teach material that relates directly to their own research interests, publications or film-making. That means you’ll often be taught by figures who don’t just use textbooks written by others but who have helped to define the shape of their own fields and are internationally recognized researchers.

By bringing together theory and practice, our programme encourages you to develop critical perspectives on the creation of meaning and to reflect analytically on your own practical work. We aim to create an experience in which theoretical approaches to film and television influence your practical work, and where practical work enriches your theoretical understanding. Up to 40% of your programme can come from practical modules, where we have benefited from new investment in cameras, editing suites with Avid and Final Cut Pro software programmes and dedicated teaching space. We also offer excellent technical support.

We are committed to equipping you with the skills and experience for the jobs market. We have an extensive range of contacts in film and television production distribution and exhibition in London, as well as in media public relations and marketing. We are often approached by media companies looking for students to help out on specific projects and you will be encouraged to seek out work experience throughout your three years on the programme. All final year students are offered the opportunity to take a dedicated work experience module that involves industry placement.

Individual modules from which you’ll be able to choose focus on both mainstream/popular and alternative production, the latter including American Independent Cinema, Political Cinema and Alternative Film and Video Practices. Popular formats such as Horror, Comedy and Celebrity TV are studied alongside, and informed by, critical perspectives and theoretically-oriented material.Major approaches to film and television offered on this course include close examination of films and television programmes – how they are shot or edited, for example – to understand the particular ways in which these media work and create meanings. Individual texts are also situated in their wider social, cultural and industrial or institutional contexts. This involves questions such as what picture of the world is presented in various types of film and television – and how these might be related to the particular times and places in which they’re produced.

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Journalism BA (NCTJ accredited)

This programme offers an ideal launch-pad for anyone hoping to embark on a career in journalism in the digital age. We offer rigorous and demanding training in news writing, Teeline shorthand, public affairs and law, plus a work placement. You will also learn how to edit and package for a range of journalism formats with an emphasis on cross-media platforms and hand-held technology. Complementing practical and contextual skills will be a deeper interrogation of ethical, historical and theoretical debates about journalism.

A hallmark of our delivery is our close association with the National Council for the Training of Journalists, who also accredit our Master’s programme. We will be delivering essential NCTJ training alongside broader contextual and critical elements to ensure you are best placed to navigate your way through this dynamic and demanding craft.

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BA Music
BMus Composition
BMus Performance
BA Sonic Arts

Whether you are interested in performance, composition, writing about music, or using new technologies, Brunel offers a programme which will provide you with both the necessary professional skills and a rigorous academic grounding.

Our degrees begin from a core of essential knowledge and skills, and progress to increasing specialisation in your chosen area – composition or performance for the BMus programmes, musicology or sonic arts for the BA programmes. Along the way you can choose options in topics such as popular music, music perception, conducting, orchestration, and improvisation. All programmes also allow you to undertake a practical or written special project of your own choosing at Level 3, with individual supervision.


BA Theatre

The BA Theatre at Brunel University has been designed for students who aspire to work in today’s diverse theatre industry.

BA Theatre is highly practice focused and you will learn core skills in theatre making and performance while at the same time studying historical, theoretical and critical perspectives.

Our teaching team of practitioners and artists are specialists in the fields of theatre, performance and live art, and you will taught in Brunel’s purpose built Antonin Artaud Performance Centre. You will have access to fully equipped main house and studio theatres and a large suite of rehearsal and recording studios, as well as becoming part of Brunel’s vibrant and creative artistic community.

The course can be taken as either a Single or Joint Honours degree.

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